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We use White Rose Hub as our main vehicle to support our teaching of mastery in mathematics.


During our maths lessons, all children work towards achieving the same learning intention. Scaffolding is provided to enable all children to access the mathematics independently. Greater depth experiences are planned for children who rapidly grasp new learning so that they have opportunities to generalise their learning and mathematical understanding. We teach maths through small steps so that gaps are not created, and any misconceptions are remediated at the early stages. Through this approach children make rich connections within their mathematical understanding and can talk about these. We want children to ‘think’ mathematically rather than ‘do’ maths.


We use manipulatives and representations to expose mathematical structure. We ensure that there is a consistent approach to the use of manipulatives and representations across year groups so that children’s cognitive demand is lowered as they re-encounter familiar representations – this supports the children making rich connections.