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Committee Structure - Academy Standards and Ethos Committee (ASEC)

Below is a link to the Trust Scheme of Delegation for the Forum Hub and associated Academy Standards and Ethos Committees.


The Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust (referred to as DSAT or the Trust) operates a regional hub model of governance and, with effect from 1 January 2020, launched the Forum Hub with a revised model of local governance and terms of reference for its committees.


Consequently, the Trust Board has approved two versions of its 2019 Scheme of Delegation to reflect the fact that growth has led to a period of transition during which the Trust will be operating two different regional hub models and local governance arrangements side-by-side. Scheme of Delegation This Scheme of Delegation (‘the Scheme’) is between the DSAT Board of Trustees and the Forum Hub committees (including the Regional Leadership Group, Ethos Development Committee and each Academy Standards Committee) in accordance with the Trust’s Constitution (otherwise known as the Articles of Association).

Together, the Trust Board and its committees are referred to as the governance team.


Subject to the requirements set out in the Trust’s constitution and this Scheme, the Trust Board delegates to its committees responsibility and powers which shall be discharged by them in strict accordance with their respective Terms of Reference (see P19 Appendix A), the Policies of the Trust and advice published from time to time by the Department for Education and OFSTED.


It should be remembered that the constitution of DSAT as a Multi-Academy Trust means it is a single charitable company and legal entity overseen by a single governing board comprised of company directors/charity trustees. Although the Trust Board may elect to delegate responsibilities and powers through ‘the Scheme’ to a committee or executive, the Trust Board remains responsible for any decision made under delegation and is ultimately accountable in respect of the educational performance of its academies and compliance with its financial and legal obligations.


The Trust Board delegates to committees and executives on the understanding that they will carry out their delegated duties strictly in line with the Scheme and relevant terms of reference to maximise effectiveness, efficiency and impact from the Trust’s governance arrangements. The Trust Board also recognises, and is grateful for, the significant contribution that Academy Governors make in the interest of delivering positive outcomes for children, their families and local communities.


Formal meeting minutes shall serve as the two-way reporting mechanism to/from the Trust Board and its committees. All policies referred to in this Scheme of Delegation relate to the current policy by that title, as stored in the DSAT SharePoint (a secure, online storage facility which is available to all staff and members of the governance team with a email address), the majority of which are also published at:

Trust and Academy Scheme of Delegation