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School Attendance

School Attendance – Why is attendance important?

‘Pupils need to attend school regularly to benefit from their education. Missing out on lessons leaves children vulnerable to falling behind. Children with poor attendance tend to achieve less well in both primary and secondary school’

School attendance – Departmental advice (August 2013)


Regular attendance at school is essential to ensure that all children are able to do their best and achieve their potential. At Archbishop Wake Primary School we expect all children on roll to attend every day as long as they are fit and healthy to do so. We believe that the most important factor in promoting good attendance is the development of positive attitudes towards school and learning.

Poor attendance at school can affect your child’s:

  • Attainment in school
  • Relationships with other children
  • Confidence to attempt new work and to work alongside others
  • Life chances of obtaining a good job


Schools are expected to monitor pupil’s attendance. At Archbishop Wake we expect a minimum attendance of 96% (the expected National Average) from all children and will work with families to make this possible.