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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Swordfish and Dolphins


Congratulations everyone! ABW came top of the DSAT TTRS competition. Well done to Swordfish who were the second class. Special mention to ST who was the second pupil in the whole competition. Well done also to KP, GC, JL,MC, JS, OH, LJ, JP, OK, LB and FWG.
Welcome to the Year Five page. Below you will find links to web based resources that will help support learning during the time of closure.

Week Beginning Monday 13th July


Well we are in our final week Year 5. Where has the time gone? We can't believe this is your last week in Year 5 sad. Try and keep up with some home learning this week. We hope you all managed to get onto the zoom meeting last Wednesday. Remember there is another opportunity this Wednesday to meet your new teachers. Look out for an email inviting you to a final class zoom as well this week. This will be our last chance to meet you as a class so it would be lovely to have as many as you as possible joining in. Have a good week and hopefully we will catch up with you on our zoom calls.


from Year 5 team smiley



Keep going with TTRS we are currently the third best school out of 14!! Swordfish you are the winning class so far. That is fantastic so please keep going.


Mash Up Festival Online - Monday 13th July

As the school closure prevented the Mash Up festival from going ahead in June, Dorset Music Hub is proud to present the Mash Up Festival Online  on Monday 13th July.


They will broadcast workshops on our YouTube channel throughout the day, including: 


10am Body Percussion, with Ollie Turner from Beat Goes On. 


11.30am Junk Samba Bonanza, with Pete and John from the DMS team,  


2.30pm Dorset Big Sing - Let's all join together for some vocal games and a Big Sing with 'Lean on Me'. 


Access in school, or tune in and take part at home! Find something to play as a junk Samba instrument - see suggestions on the attachment. Enjoy!

Week Beginning Monday 6th July


Hello Year 5

We are nearly at the end of the term. We hope you are all happy with your new teacher for next year. Don't forget to join the zoom on Wednesday so you can see who else is in your class. Please see below for your work this week.


From Year 5 team

DSAT Maths TTRS competition


We are now working with the other schools in Blandford to take part in a DSAT competition. We are part of the Forum Hub with Blandford St Mary, Spetisbury, Milldown and Dunbury. We will be in battle againtst The Weymouth Bay Hub, The Thrive Hub, The Spire Hub and The Emmaus Hub. So come on we need everyone on TTRS for the next two weeks!!


Summer Reading Challenge! 

  • Do you love reading?
  • Do you want to feel extra prepared for September?
  • Are you up for a challenge?


Read on to find out an exciting opportunity to get involved with over the summer holiday. Click on the web link below to find out how to sign up and what to do. There is lots of helpful information, including a book finder tool that will help you to find books based on topics/genres you are interested in. You will also have access to e-readers to complete the challenge!

So, what are you waiting for...smiley 



“I Live in Dorset” Competition

Dorset would be the best place in the world to grow up in if...?

Dorset Council would like to make Dorset the best place in the world to grow up in and wants to find out from you how best to do that! They have designed this resource as a class or home learning activity for the last few weeks of term. Your ideas will help inform the new Children, Young People and Families Plan.

Do you enjoy drawing, painting, singing, dancing, rapping, model-making? See the poster below for details, and get creative!

Advanced warning!

Dorset Music Hub - Mash Up Festival Online - Monday 13th July. 

See the Music icon above for details!

Week Beginning Monday 29th June


Hello Year 5

We hope you have enjoyed the lovely weather last week. Please see below for this weeks learning. We have three weeks to go before the end of term! Try and keep up with the must do tasks every week. We know some of you are struggling now but we are nearly there! We will hopefully catch up with you on zoom over the next couple of weeks. smiley

from Year 5 team

Week beginning 22nd June

We hope you and your families have had a lovely weekend and you are ready for a new week!

The weather is set to get very hot, so take extra care in the sun and enjoy some time outside! cool

Please find your new home learning tasks under the icons below. As usual, please prioritise the 'must do' English and Maths tasks and then try the 'should' and 'could' do. The sheets do not need to be printed. 

We love to see the work you are doing so please continue to send us this via email or on the blog. We hope to see even more of you on our class Zoom catch-ups! We do miss you! 


Have a great week!

The Year 5 Team. 



Week beginning 15th June

We hope you have had a lovely weekend, and are ready for a new week!

Please find your new home learning tasks under the icons below. Remember to prioritise the 'must do' Maths and English tasks and then try some of the 'should do' and 'could do' tasks. Please note- they do not need to be printed. 

Have a good week everyone!


The Year 5 Team

Week Beginning Monday 8th June


Hello Year 5


We hope that you all had a nice weekend.

Well done to 37 children who logged onto TTRS and took part in the DSAT competition.

We are the clear winnerssmiley



Please find your new home learning tasks under the icons below. As always, please prioritise the ‘must do’ Maths and English tasks and then try some of the ‘should do’ and ‘could do’ tasks. We hope that you enjoy completing some of these. Please remember that these don’t need to be printed.


If you have any questions, then please send us an email. We hope that you all have a brilliant week. We are missing you all!


Take care,

The Year 5 Team 

Welcome back Year 5! smiley

We hope you had a wonderful half term and enjoyed the lovely sunshine. We have uploaded work as usual to the icons below. Remember to prioritise the English and Maths tasks - make sure you do the 'must do' tasks for each of these subjects. As usual, you do not need to print the work out.

We are hoping to set up a zoom call for each class sometime in the next two weeks so look out for this as we will send you details in an email.

Keep emailing us with your updates and work or if you want to share with the class, please add to the class blog. 


from Year 5 team

Take a look at J.K Rowling's brand new children's story. Click on the link to read it free online!

There is also an opportunity to take part in a competition to illustrate the story! If you are an avid artist this will be a perfect chance to showcase your talent! Good luck!

Happy Half Term. Enjoy your week!


We have not set any work this week but we are hoping that you will continue with TTRS. We are still the winning school. A massive congratulations to Swordfish who are currently the second class in the competition. Second to Orcas. Dolphins you have moved into a higher position and are currently 15 out of 33. 

Mental Health Awareness Week. 18th - 24th May. Please have a look at the assembly link below.

Week Beginning Monday 18th May

Hello Year 5

We hope that you are all well and that you are all ready for another week of home learning activities.  Can you believe this is our final week of activities before the half-term break.

As before, activities don’t need to be printed as you can record your answers on paper or in a workbook.  Please prioritise the ‘must do’ English and Maths activities before giving the ‘should do’ and ‘could do’ activities a go.


Attention – We need all of your help! ….


Instead of our usual Year group TTRS battle, a  'Top of the Rocks' TTRS tournament has been organised between Dunbury, Blandford St Mary, Milldown, Spetisbury and ABW.  

To be crowned champions of this tournament, we need EVERYONE to work together as a team to earn as many points as possible – we know you can do this! Please see the Maths icon for more details.

Have a good week!


From Year 5 teamsmiley



Week Beginning Monday 11th May

Hello Year 5 


We hope you enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend. Thank you for sharing your photographs.

You've been showing brilliant commitment to your home learning - we're very impressed with your efforts. This week, we have a range of exciting learning activities. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us. 

Please remember to look for the 'must-do' English and Maths tasks as a first priority. The tasks don't need to be printed and can be recorded in your workbook. 

Friday 15th May is 'Honesty Day' so check out the PSHE icon to find some activities. We would love it if you gave these tasks a try.

Keep safe everyone!

Year 5 team

Week Beginning Monday 4th May

Hello Year 5

We hope you managed to get all your 'must do' work done last week and well done to those who did the 'should do' and 'could do' work. Once again this week, please could you prioritise English and Maths tasks. 

You will see we have added in some VE Day activities for you to do this week. As we studied WW11 at the beginning of the year, we thought you would enjoy these.

Keep sharing your learning with us, either via the class blog or by email.

From Year 5 team 

Week beginning Monday 27th April

Hello Year 5


We hope that you enjoyed some of the different activities we set you last week.

It was great to see some of your learning outcomes on our class blogs.

Please use the icons below to find your new learning for this week. There is no expectation that you complete every activity but we would like you to prioritise  English and Maths tasks. This week there are some activities that are 'MUST' activities. These are the most important activities that we would like you to aim to complete. Try to do some of the 'SHOULD' activities and then, if you would like to do more, we have 'COULD' tasks. 


Also, we appreciate that lots of you do not have access to a printer. The PowerPoints do not need printing as they are just for reference. Similarly, you do not need to print any worksheets as you can record your answers in the book we gave you. 


We are missing you lots!

Don't forget to update the class blog with what you are doing. We really enjoy seeing your photographs even if we can't see you in person.

Welcome to the Summer term!


We hope you enjoyed your Easter break. 

Below are the activities for you to do this week.

Remember to upload any photographs onto our class blogs.



Home Learning for week beginning 20th April:


Today is St George's Day! Click on the link below to find out more...

EEF supporting daily routines during school closures

Consistent routines can be a struggle at home with changes to our home working and schooling. Routines support behaviour and wellbeing. You will be finding a...

Year 5 timetable
Some parents have been asking for a timetable. We have drawn up a suggested timetable but please note this is only if  you want to use it. We are not telling you to use it but this might help some parents out as a guide. There is no break in the timetable other than lunch so just choose when you feel it is right for a break. We hope this might be helpful to some of you.  
Some useful documents to help the children during this difficult time.

We would now be on our Easter holidays so we urge you to put learning to one side for two weeks and enjoy the Easter break. Learning can start again on Monday 20th April, which is when the Summer Term would have started. 

We  however have put some Easter ideas on here for you to do. These are purely optional! Have fun with them.

Wishing all Year 5 and your families a Happy Easter Holiday!

Times Table Rockstars Challenge!

We have set up a battle between Swordfish and Dolphins. Which class will win?  The competition starts at 9.00am Monday 6th April and will last for the two week holiday period. 

Get creative and make a Easter hat!

Easter is traditionally know for Easter bonnet parades. So we challenge you to make an Easter hat. Be as creative as you like. Please take a picture of you wearing your hat and post on our class blogs. We look forward to seeing your photos. 

Easter craft activities! There are more than 25 to try! Just click on the web link below. 
Baking Ideas

This looks a lovely thing to do. Share your photos if you decide to try!!

'Start The Day With Exercise' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

Move-it Monday - 'Start The Day With Exercise' There's bags of scope with this song for a high-energy workout to start your week. Get singing and moving, and...

Home learning for week beginning Monday 30th March

Can you work out what these messages say?

Somebody has written their name. Can you work out who? 

And we have some more home learning pictures. Thank you PG, TP, EQ ,RF,TH and RF.

Thank you for sharing your Home Learning with us! Some great work - well done!

Keeping active!

Still image for this video
CH showing excellent football skills!


Viking letters are called runes. Try writing your name using the runes. Perhaps you could write a message. 


At the bottom where the answers are it says you have 30 minutes to do this. Please ignore this. It is not a test, just do at your own pace.

Perimeter - Remember you will need to find some of the missing lengths using the information you have.

There are 4 more assignments set on maths shed. It's great to see 5 members of Dolphin class and 2 members of Swordfish on the leaderboard. Keep up the good work! 


  • There is a new spelling list starting on Monday on spelling shed. Well done to HW in Swordfish who is in the top 10 on the leader board. Let's get some more Y5 children on there too! 
  • Continue using Pobble365. Write a short paragraph each day. Why not email your best one to your class teacher to impress us. We will put the best on the website. Extra recognition for using our exciting sentences. (see the powerpoint if you can't remember them all) 
  • Remember the work that we have been doing on conjunctions and clauses. Go to espresso, KS2 English. In the grammar section you will find some activities to help you practise. Remember a subordinate clause doesn't make sense on its own! 


Continue to work on espresso coding. In unit 5b work through lesson 2: Caterpillar catcher. 




Continue with the work you were doing last week. Visit espresso and in KS2 science you will find a section on forces. Work through the videos and try the activities.  

Home learning for week beginning Monday 23rd March

Thank you TP for sharing your Viking work with us.

More great pictures showing us what you have been up to this week. Thank you EQ, LJ and JS.

We hope you are getting on well and enjoying the new experience of home schooling! Email your pictures to your class email address and we can share what everyone is doing smiley. We are missing you. School is very strange without you all there!


Courage Day - Friday 27 March 

Today is courage day at ABW. Why not think of a way that you can show a little courage today. We know what an amazing year group you are. Email your class email address to tell how you have shown courage today. We will publish the replies on here. 

Enjoying the first week of home schooling!

Swordfish Home Learning Gallery!


Please remember you don't need to print the sheets. Just write the date and title in your book and you can work straight into your maths book.

English Home Learning
Continue to work on spelling shed. This week's spellings have been set. You can also work through the year 5 and 6 spelling list. 
Please remember you don't need to print out the sheets. Just write the date and title in your exercise book and complete each task in there. 

Computing Home Learning 


You can log into espresso coding and start on unit 5B. Work through the first lesson. 

The log in for our school pupils only is 

username - student11043

password  - abw2012 

Supporting parents and carers through disruption

This video provides guidance to parents and carers about how they can help children and young people manage their mental health and wellbeing during any disr...

5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV

Great for all ages but aimed primarily at Key Stage 1 40 seconds work | 20 seconds rest Marching On The Spot Star Jumps Low Sprint Shuffle Squats Climb The Rope

Role play during our RE lesson

We learnt so much during our Science Day on Forces

We used our DT skills to make Anderson Shelters and War time soup.

We enjoyed our Science day on materials.

We enjoyed our outdoor art session.

New for this year - our daily whole class read!

We enjoyed the Bovington Tank Museum

Welcome to Year 5 2018-2019

Our visit to Paulton's Park

Cre8 Day- Making Anderson shelters

Welcome to Year 5 2017-18

Representatives from Year 5 attend the Commonwealth Flag Raising at the Corn Exchange

Our visit to the Corn Exchange - to the exhibition "Tommy from Training to Trench"

Handball Festival at The Blandford School

Kenning Poems

We looked at the Kenning Poem "Mum" and wrote our own in the same style.

Arts Week 2017 - Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo and the Flying Boy

Arts week 2017 -Leonardo and the flying boy

Still image for this video
Swordfish used drama to explore ideas from the book Leonardo and the Flying Boy by Laurence Antholt

Welcome to Year 5!


The children were engrossed by scientist Ian Dunn yesterday who came to inspire the children about the wonders of science

Six lucky children got to witness the new Mayor being invested at the Corn Exchange this morning.Great experience and super behavior from all.

Funfair Rides 6/4/2017 - The children showing just how creative they can be!

Swordfish class tried handball today and it definitely got the thumbs up from all!

World Book Day! Some great costumes

We all had a 'hoot hoot' at Paultons Park