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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Jellyfish and Seals




Remembrance 2020 - Year 4 made Poppy bowls

Mini London Marathon @ ABW 5 October 2020

On this page you will find resources, activities and links to help support learning outside of school. Keep an eye on this page for updates and more resources to support learning during the closure.

Week beginning 13th July 2020



Hello Year 4, 


Welcome back to our last week of the Summer Term.


We would like to take this opportunity to express how proud we are of each and every one of you.  You have worked incredibly hard with your home learning; you have shown resilience and great maturity through these unprecedented times. May we also say a huge thank you to all the grown-ups who have helped you with all your different learning tasks at home. We really appreciate everything you have done to support your child’s learning.


As we mentioned last week, there is a TTRS Top of the Rocks Tournament running and we are currently in 3rd place! Let’s see if you can keep earning points. Perhaps we may even make it to 2nd or 1st place!



On Wednesday at 4:30pm, please remember that there is another opportunity to meet your new class teacher for September on a Zoom call.


Please also check your emails for our final Year 4 class Zoom calls. We are really looking forward to speaking to you all.


As always, please find your learning under the relevant icons including writing an important letter to your new class teacher.


Year 4 – you are all superstars! We have loved teaching you all and wish you a wonderful summer break.  We know that you will have an amazing time in Year 5 and look forward to seeing you around the school in September!


As you will all know by now this is Mrs Johnstone’s last week at ABW. I know I speak on behalf of all of us when I say that she will be greatly missed but we wish her lots of luck for the future as she starts her next chapter commencing her new position as a Year 3 Teacher.  Mrs Johnstone  - we will miss your enthusiasm, kindness and creativity … what an amazing 7 years you have had at ABW!


Best wishes,

The Year 4 Team  

Week beginning 6th July 2020


Hello Seals and Jellyfish,



Welcome back to the penultimate week of home learning!


Please find the different learning tasks under the relevant icons below.


We are very proud of all of you showing commitment to your learning. Please remember to email us / post on the blog any learning outcomes you would like to share - we love seeing your amazing work!


This week, there is a Top of the Rocks TTRS tournament for you to get involved with. All 18 schools within DSAT are taking part! Let's see if you can help ABW earn lots of points! 




 In addition to this, you should have received an email detailing a Zoom call to meet your new teacher for September. 


Also, we have exciting news that the Summer Reading Challenge has been launched! For more details and to sign up, follow the link below. It would be brilliant if lots of you could get involved with this challenge.



Have a great week!  smiley


Best wishes,

The Year 4 Team


Week beginning 29th June 2020



Hello Year 4, 


We hope that you enjoy completing some of the activities below. Please remember to complete the 'must do' English and Maths activities first. 


We hope that you all have a great week! smiley


The Year 4 Team


Week beginning 22nd June 2020


Hi Year 4!


Hopefully we'll be enjoying some lovely sunshine this week! Fingers crossed!


We've updated your home learning tasks for this week. Please complete the English and Maths 'must do' tasks first before you have a look at the 'should do' and 'could do' tasks. As always, you don't have to do everything, pick what works for your family and remember you don't have to print everything to be able to do the work.


It's been lovely to see some of you at school and lots of others on our zoom calls. We do still miss you though!


The Year 4 team smiley

Week beginning June 15th 2020


Hello Year 4,


We hope you all enjoyed some time off over the weekend.


Have a look at the subject icons below for your new home learning tasks for this week. As always, please have a go at the Maths and English 'must do' tasks first and then try some of the 'should do' and 'could do' tasks. Hopefully you will enjoy some of these! 


Remember you don't need to print sheets to complete the activities.


If you've got any questions, please send us an email.


Have a great week! We miss you!


The Year 4 Team smiley

Week beginning 8th June 2020




Hello Year 4,


We hope that you all had a nice weekend.


Please find your new home learning tasks under the icons below. As always, please prioritise the ‘must do’ Maths and English tasks and then try some of the ‘should do’ and ‘could do’ tasks. We hope that you enjoy completing some of these. Please remember that these don’t need to be printed.


If you have any questions, then please send us an email. We hope that you all have a brilliant week. We are missing you all!


Take care,

The Year 4 Team smiley


P.S: Well done if you helped earn ABW points with the ‘Top of the Rocks’ tournament on TTRS.  We were crowned the winning school with an amazing 484,316 points! yes

Summer Term (2) 

Week 1 

Week commencing 1st June 2020


Hello Year 4,


What beautiful sunshine we enjoyed over half term! We hope that you all had an enjoyable week. This week, there are a range of home learning tasks for you to work through. As previously, please prioritise the 'must do' English and Maths tasks and then work your way through as many 'should do' and 'could do' tasks as possible. You did a great job last half term and we know that you can keep this up! smiley

It would be great if you could challenge yourself to complete a variety of subjects, just as you would do in school. Everyone has their favourite subjects but it is important to keep completing a variety of activities.


As always, please do keep sending in your photographs and posting on the class blog. Perhaps you have some photographs of activities which kept you busy over half term that you would like to share.

Please email us if you have any queries - we are happy to help!


We can't wait to hear from you. 


Best wishes, 

 The Year 4 Team


P.S: Please remember that the 'Top of the Rocks' TTRS tournament finishes on Saturday 6th June. Well done to those who have helped us earn points so far!    smiley 





Summer Term

Week 5 

Week commencing 18th May 2020



Hi Year 4!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the sunshine this weekend and that you are all ready for another week of home learning activities.  This is our final week of activities before the half-term break.

As before, activities don’t need to be printed as you can record your answers on paper or in a workbook.  Please prioritise the ‘must do’ English and Maths activities before giving the ‘should do’ and ‘could do’ activities a go.

This week, we hope to see more of you logging into our online packages: TTRS, EdShed, Develop Experts, Letter Join, Espresso and MyMaths.  


Attention – We need your help! ….

A 'Top of the Rocks' TTRS tournament has been organised between Dunbury, Blandford St Mary, Milldown, Spetisbury and ABW.  

To be crowned champions of this tournament, we need EVERYONE to work together as a team to earn as many points as possible – we know you can do this!

You’ve all worked very hard this year on developing your recall of multiplication facts – let’s show how fantastic you all are. smiley



How to enter ...



We hope that you all have an enjoyable week and give as many activities a go as possible.

Please remember to post photographs to our class blog or drop us an email to let us know what you have been up to – it’s great to hear from you.  smiley



Summer Term Week 4 

Week commencing 11th May 2020



Hello Year 4! 


Would you believe that we are already in week 4 of the Summer term? 

You've been showing brilliant commitment to your home learning - we're very impressed with your efforts. 

A big thank you to all your grown-ups for all they are doing at home to help you with the different learning activities - we appreciate it's not easy juggling everything but you're all doing a fantastic job.

This week, we have a range of exciting learning activities. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us. 

Please remember to look for the 'must-do' English and Maths tasks as a first priority. The tasks don't need to be printed and can be recorded in your workbook. 

Friday 15th May is 'Honesty Day' so Mrs Bagg has kindly organised some activities for you - check out the PSHE icon to find these. We would love it if you gave these tasks a try.

Once again, a big well done to the children who are using our class blog, as well as the online learning sites: TTRS, Mymaths, EdShed and White Rose. 


Keep smiling and take care! smiley


Best wishes, 

Miss Roberts, Mrs Renwick and Mrs Johnstone 

Summer Term Week 3 

Week commencing 4th May 2020


Hello Year 4,


We hope that you are all well. Another new week which means another new set of home learning tasks.


We've been so impressed with your efforts so far - keep it up! yes

We're very proud of you. smiley 


Keep trying to work through the 'MUST DO' English and Maths tasks, as well as trying your best to read each day!  These are the most important activities that we would like you to aim to complete.  


In addition to this, it would be great if you would like to complete some other activities that interest you. Please try to do some of the 'SHOULD' activities and then, if you would like to do more, we  have 'COULD' tasks.  


As Friday 8th May is the 75th anniversary of VE Day, please find below some actvities for you to try. 


Best wishes,


Miss Roberts, Mrs Renwick and Mrs Johnstone.


P:S: It's fab seeing what you've been up to so please keep sending in your pictures.

Summer Term Week 2

Week commencing 27th April 2020



Hello Year 4,


We hope that you enjoyed some of the different activities we set you last week.

It was great to see some of your learning outcomes on our class blogs.

Please use the icons below to find your new learning for this week. There is no expectation that you complete every activity; the important thing is that you complete what you can to the best of your own ability. We know you all learn differently and find different things easy/tricky. Just do your best and enjoy your learning! smiley


Also, we appreciate that lots of you do not have access to a printer. The PowerPoints do not need printing as they are just for reference. Similarly, you do not need to print any worksheets as you can record your answers in the book we gave you. 


We are missing you lots!


Best wishes,

Miss Roberts, Mrs Renwick and Mrs Johnstone


P.S: Please remember to use the blog to post any photos. Don't forget that we are always just an email away if you have any queries.    

Summer Term



Hi Year 4,


We hope that you enjoyed your Easter break.


Below, we have uploaded a range of activities for you to try this week.

We look forward to seeing the outcomes – please remember to share any photographs on our class blogs.


Best wishes,

Miss Roberts, Mrs Renwick and Mrs Johnstone  :)

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Consistent routines can be a struggle at home with changes to our home working and schooling. Routines support behaviour and wellbeing. You will be finding a...

Friday 3rd April


Dear Year 4,


Just to let you know that over the next two weeks we will not be setting you any formal learning due to it being the Easter Holidays. However, please find below links to an Easter workbook and additional fun activities that you may wish to use. 


Please remember to use our new blogging platform to upload any posts, comments and photos.


Wishing everyone a happy Easter! :)


Best wishes,

The Year 4 Team



Hello Year 4!


We hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday! :) 

I am going to paste a link below to my youtube page. You will find a Maths quiz you can take part in. If you would like more quiz's then let me know! If you want to send me in some questions and answers I could use for my next youtube quiz then that would be fabulous. 

 Year 4 Reading Challenge



Week beginning 30th March


Dear Year 4,


We hope you are all well and have been able to enjoy some of this lovely sunshine if you are lucky enough to have a garden or on a short walk.  We appreciate things are very different at the moment … we are missing you! Please continue to work through your folder of English and Maths activities as well as using the online resources. 


You will also find some links below to some additional tasks for this week. In addition to this, Mrs Johnstone will be uploading some YouTube videos with tasks later this week.


Best wishes,

Miss Roberts, Mrs Renwick and Mrs Johnstone smiley

Writing task - week beginning 30th March

Spelling task - week beginning 30th March

Science task - week beginning 30th March

Reading task - week beginning 30th March

Art task - week beginning 30th March

R.E task - week beginning 30th March

Happy courage day! Across our country, many courageous people are helping to keep our country running smoothly. They are showing bravery for us and are true heroes. Your task is to draw around your hand and on each finger write someone or something you are thankful for. Their courage should not go unnoticed! Please see the attached document for an example of the task. Please e-mail photos of your completed task to or Thank you 


Hello everyone!

Above is the link to the next youtube video. Thank you for all your wonderful poems! When you do the next times table activity please remember, if you are unsure of the answer to the next times table in your list, for example

1x8= 8

2x8= ? 

Then just remember you would need to add 8 to create your next answer. 8+8=16 


If you are working on the 4's, then your would need to add 4 each time. 

5's would be adding 5 each time. 

Good luck everyone!

Take care and best wishes.


Hello year 4. 

On a daily basis in school you listen to us read you a story or read during our guided reading time. The link above is a story read to you by David Walliams. He is actually doing them daily this month so if you keep an eye on his website I'm certain you will enjoy his audios.

Let us know after you've listened to a few which one is your favourite so far and why.

Speak to you all soon! 

Thinking task: Along the left hand side write down the alphabet. Across the top the sections are: animals, country, girls names and boys names. Let's see if anyone can fill up all the boxes? ! Good luck Year 4. Send us photos when you finish! Thank you to those who have sent poems, I will be reading them out on YouTube as soon as I recieve a few more. Keep them coming!

Wonderful home learning

What a lovely rainbow!

Hello Year 4!


This next activity is Art! Please follow the link to my youtube video! We can not wait to see your creations!


Remember to enjoy the fantastic weather in your garden if at all possible. 


Just to let you know, at 11.30am today Oti Mabuse from Strictly come dancing is filming a dance class for children on her facebook page, some of you may enjoy it- I can't wait! 



Hello Year 4!

I am attaching a link to a video on youtube that I have created, the video was too large to put straight on the website but fingers crossed it works if you copy and paste the link! The video has a fun activity for you to try.



English home learning - week beginning Monday 23rd March

Science home learning - week beginning Monday 23rd March

Year 4 recommended reading list

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Leeson House Information

Jellyfish class 2018-19

Jellyfish WOW day - Ancient Greece - Food tasting

World Book Day - Jellyfish

Autumn Term 2018 - Learning the violin

Autumn 2018 - Brazil Create day Headdresses, masks and musical instruments



Year 4

2016 - 2017




Sports Day 20/06/17 - Year 4 50m and 75m Finals


Seals enjoyed reading with their buddy class Starfish on World Book Day.

World Book Day



Jellyfish searched the playground for bugs and living things in order to find out more about their habitat.

Bug hunting

The Peace Child

The whole of Year 4 spent 8 days studying and learning the script ready to perform to the school and their parents.