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Year 3

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Sea Lions and Sea Otters

Welcome to the Year 3 Webpage. We hope you enjoy finding out what we do!

On this page you will be able to find information and links to resources to support learning outside of school during the school closure.

Wednesday 6th January


 Hello to all parents and children and Happy New Year!


Thank you for your patience whilst we have worked hard to get our online learning platform operational; we are now ready to begin uploading work for your child to complete. 


Tomorrow you will be emailed with your child's login details for all the sites they will be able to access to support their learning. This will include their Teams login, where all the work that needs to be completed will be put. Once you receive your email, please can we ask that you login to Teams straight away and check that the email and password are working correctly. 


We are going to put some learning assignments on Teams to be completed on Friday. We are viewing this as our trial run so please do get your child to have a go at completing each of the 3 assignments we will be setting. It will be our opportunity to make sure everything is working as it should and for us to have a go at offering feedback on completed work. If you have any problems or need advice on how to access Teams, please email us and we will do our best to help.


From Mrs Claxton, Mrs Rust and Miss Forden

Friday 10th July


Hi Year 3,

We hope this finds you well and keeping busy. Here is your final week of learning for Year 3; and what a year it's been! It will be a time you will all remember for years to come, in your own unique way. Do you have a favourite moment or event from all we have done? If so, write a comment on the blog telling us all about it.


Can we take this opportunity to thank you all (and your parents) for being a wonderful bunch and for following the values of our school so well. Sea Otters: don't forget our final zoom call is on Tuesday, where we can share some memories and a little more fun together! Enjoy your summer and above all; stay safe.


From the Year 3 team

Home Learning Week Beginning 13th July

Friday 3rd July,


Hi year 3,

We hope you are well. It's hard to believe we have entered July and are about to start our last 2 weeks of the school year! We are incredibly proud of you all and how you have adapted to working from home. We love seeing all the work we set coming to life through your super efforts and determination to produce work of a standard that we would expect to see in school. Let's keep this going for the final few weeks. We hope you are happy with your classes for next year, don't forget to join in with the Zoom call on Wednesday to find out who else will be joining you. Well done to Sea Otters who were the winners of the Spelling shed battle this week (6th on the leaderboard.) However Sea Lions were victorious on Maths shed, finishing in 4th place. Well done to you! Where can we finish next week? Something else to think about this week: how are you doing with times tables? Do you know x3, x4 and x8? Set some time aside to play 'Hit the button' this week and see if you can increase your speed with these. Email us or write on the blog to let us know how you get on.


From the Year 3 team

Sign up now!!

One way to ensure your child feels ready to start a new school year in September is to read regularly during the holidays. An easy way to achieve this is to sign up for the summer reading challenge with your local library. Click on the weblink below to find out how to sign up and what to do. There is lots of helpful information, including a book finder tool that will help your child find books based on genres/topics they're interested in. You will also have access to e-readers to complete the challenge!

                                 Home learning week beginning 6th July

Friday 26th June

Hi Year 3,

How are you all? We are missing you all and all those events we would be doing at this point of the school year. We are sure you feel the same. But it has made us feel more positive to see how well you are getting on with your learning and to see your photos of what else you are doing with your time. Keep sending these in and who knows; we might post a few of our own on the blog! Below are your tasks for this week, we hope you are enjoying the work we are setting (we have had lots of comments about how much you are enjoying learning about the Romans!) Well done to Sea Lions for overtaking Sea Otters for the first time in the league tables on Maths shed, Sea Otters are just ahead on Spelling shed. Shall we have a little competition to see who can finish highest in both sheds for next week? It could make things quite interesting...


Have a great week and we hope you are excited to find out your new classes on Wednesday.

From the Year 3 team

Home Learning Week Beginning 29th June

Friday 19th June

Hi Year 3,

It has definitely been a soggier week that we have enjoyed this week! Has anyone been out for a play or a walk in the rain? It has been lovely to see those of you who have attended our Zoom calls, we hope you have enjoyed our games and time to catch up! Please find below your tasks for the coming week. Try and get your MUST tasks done first as this is the learning you need to focus on. Remember, our weekly spellings are given through Spelling Shed so you should be going on here a few times a week to practise these and build up your skills and recognition of Year 3 spelling words (there is not long left to learn and know these now!) We know it can be hard to keep motivated at times but we appreciate everything you are doing to keep going with your learning. You can do it Year 3!


From the Year 3 team

Home Learning Week Beginning 22nd June

Friday 12th June

Hi Year 3,

How are you all? You have been very quiet this week, hopefully this means you are all beavering away and getting your MUST do tasks completed. Don't forget to post your completed work on the class blog, we really look forward to seeing what you have all been up to. Who has created an amazing Roman shield design? Let's make a gallery of all the completed ones. Sea Otters, there will be another opportunity to see each other on Zoom, ask your parents to look out for the email on Monday morning. Keep smiling and try and tell your grow ups one thing you are grateful for every night before bed this week. We are grateful for having such wonderful children in our classes!


From the Year 3 team

Home Learning Week Beginning 15th June

Dear Year 3, 

We hope you had a lovely weekend and managed to avoid the showers! If any of you are still growing some plants from our last topic, you will understand that we do need a bit of rain to keep them growing and healthy. 

Under the icons below you will find our latest home learning. Please remember the 'MUST' tasks are the priority and then to complete the 'SHOULD' and 'COULD' tasks as you wish.

Remember to keep in touch by using the class email or add what you have been getting up to on the class blog. We really like to hear from you. 

Thank you to those of you who managed to catch up with us on the Sea otter Zoom chat. It was lovely to hear and see you all, as we have really missed you all.

Mrs Rust hopes that next time she will be able to see, hear and actually be able to talk to you.

We hope you enjoy the home learning.

The Year 3 Team.


Home Learning Week Beginning 8th June

Friday 29th May


Hi Year 3,

It's almost the start of a new half term! We hope you are having a lovely break and enjoying the sunshine as much as possible. I don't know about you, but the warm weather always makes us feel happy and, the good news is, it's here to stay (for now!) 

It has been far too long since we all had a chance to talk and spend some time together so it's time we did something to change that! In classes, we will be organising zoom chats so we can all catch up. Ask your grown ups to check their emails on Monday for the information you will need to be able to join in. 

We will be moving on to our new topic of The Romans this half term. Our topic learning and reading work will centre around this; we hope you will enjoy it as much as The Stone Age. As always, we will label activities as MUST, SHOULD and COULD so you know which are the most essential to complete. Don't forget your online learning (MyMaths, Maths shed, Spelling shed and TTRS.) We were rarely out of the top 3 classes for Spelling and Maths shed last half term so let's see if we can keep that up this half term. Let's do this!


The Year 3 team

Home Learning Week Beginning 1st June

If you loved Harry Potter you might like to try J.K Rowling's new story. She has made the decision to publish the story online, so you can read it for free. Not only can you enjoy the story but you can also get involved before it gets officially published in the Autumn. Readers will get the chance to send in illustrations that could end up in the final book.

Have a look on the website below under 'Competition' for more details.



Dorset Mind Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the powerpoint below tells us how important it is to be kind, show kindness and the positive impact this can have on others. It also discusses the negative impact being unkind can have on another person's well being.

Although it says years 5 and 6 it is still suitable for our year group.



Hi Year 3,

It is lovely to see the sunshine back again. We hope you have all been enjoying the chance to keep active and maybe try a new activity or learn  a new skill. If you need any ideas of activities or skills you could be doing here are a few ideas!

-Learn to tie your shoe laces if you can't already there are many different techniques,

-Practice throwing and catching a ball to someone in your family,

-Help out in the kitchen (preparing vegetables, practicing cutting, peeling, grating etc),

-Write a letter to a friend and post it to them. Let them know how you are and what you have been doing.


As always with the home learning try to do as many of the MUST tasks as you can. If you are keen there  are also the SHOULD and COULD Tasks.

Don't forget to keep us updated on your what you are doing and how you are either via the class blog or by using the class email.. We love to hear from you.

In the Maths folder there is an opportunity to enter a Times Table Rock Stars Tournament. It has been set up between Us, Dunbury, Blandford St Mary's, Milldown and Spetisbury Schools. It starts on Monday 18th May and ends on Saturday 6th June. If you go on Times Table Rock Stars anyway why not take part and help Archbishop Wake win the tournament. Look in the folder and follow the instructions to get on to.

Lets try to get some points for Archbishop Wake.

Come on year 3!!  We can do it!!

Home Learning Week Beginning 18th May

Welcome to this week's home learning for year 3. 

There is a definite change of temperature outside but we hope you are all still keeping safe, active and well. As ever our home learning tasks are labelled MUST, SHOULD  and COULD. All we ask is that you do what you can and try to keep it fun! We look forward to seeing your pictures and examples of learning you have been doing, so please continue sending those into us, either via the class blog or class email. Remember if you have any problems with logins or home learning contact us on your class email. 

We look forward to seeing more of your amazing home learning.

The Year 3 team. 

Home Learning Week Beginning 11th May

Home Learning Week Beginning 4th May 

Hi Year 3,


Well, I guess we had to have some rain after all the beautiful sunshine we have enjoyed! On the bright side, it is just what your plants need to help them grow! Remember, it is important to keep active so see if you can find some creative ways of doing this indoors on wet days. Or maybe you are quite fond of a wellie walk...


Below are your tasks for next week. They are in order of importance, but we also have labelled tasks with MUST, SHOULD and COULD to help with this. Thank you to those of you who have uploaded work to the blog; we are enjoying seeing all your hard work and the creative projects you are working on, keep it up! We are very proud of your resilience and determination during this time and hope you are all keeping safe and well.


The Year 3 team

On Friday 8th May, which is a bank holiday,  the nation celebrates the 75th anniversary of VE Day – marking 75 years since the end of WW2. 

If you would like to find out more about VE day take a look at the link below. There are also some activities that you might like to take part in with your family in the document below.

The Royal British Legion have many things planned for the day.

Home Learning Week Beginning 27th April

Hi Year 3,


We hope you enjoyed the home learning we set you last week. You will see that there are some differences from last week. We want you to try and complete lots of home learning but we do not expect you to complete every activity.

This week there are some activities that are 'MUST' activities. These are the most important activities that we would like you to aim to complete. Try to do some of the 'SHOULD' activities and then, if you would like to do more, we have 'COULD' tasks.

We love hearing all about what you are doing so please continue sending your photos and thoughts to the class blog. 

We are available if you want to ask us anything, just use the class email.

We are missing you all very much but hope you are making the most of this extra time at home. 

Mrs Rust, Mrs Claxton and Miss Forden. 

Here is a link to our class blogs. 

We love seeing what you have been up to at home smiley

Well done!

You are doing so well on Spelling and Maths shed, it is great to see your enthusiasm and commitment to these areas of your learning. Try and split your time equally between both sites, but ideally no more than 20 minute sessions on each per day.

EEF supporting daily routines during school closures

Consistent routines can be a struggle at home with changes to our home working and schooling. Routines support behaviour and wellbeing. You will be finding a...

Friday 17th April

Hi Year 3,


We hope you have enjoyed a fantastic Easter and have found plenty to keep yourselves entertained with! The lovely weather has certainly helped and hopefully given you lots of opportunity to enjoy time outdoors. We miss seeing your smiling faces but understand that the most important thing right now is to be at home and safe!


As we will now be spending further time at home, we thought it might be helpful to provide you with a timetable which might be useful to help you organise your learning time in the coming weeks. It is only a suggestion and you can move subjects around to suit yourselves. You can see below that we have organised activities into subject areas to make everything easier to find. We hope this helps!


Remember to get your adults to upload your completed activities onto the class blog so everyone can see your wonderful work. We will work as quickly as we can to make sure they are approved and visible to all. Don't forget you can email us with any questions you may have or if you need reminding of log ins and passwords, we are still here to help even though we are not there with you.


Finally, for the next period of time, spelling shed assignments will be changed on a Sunday and will be on the website to complete for that week. They will be changed on a weekly basis and will include your weekly spelling sets. Don't forget you have access to the Maths Shed too, as well as TT rock stars and other online resources that will enhance your learning. Let's do this, Year 3 superstars!


From all the Year 3 team x



Year 3 suggested timetable

Some useful documents to help the children during this difficult time. 

Easter Home Learning - Just for Fun!

Try making an Easter board game to play with your family.

Or use your times table knowledge to create these colourful mosiac pictures!

Here is an idea for a lovely Easter card you could make using your empty egg boxes. If you don't have any of these bits- look around your house to see what you could use instead!

Our new Science topic - Plants

Its so wonderful to see that so many of you are spending lots of time outside doing lots of activities, even gardening.

Here is our knowledge organiser all about plants. Have a look at the information on here and see if you can learn some of the key vocabulary. 

Perhaps you could have a go at drawing and labelling a plant in your garden, or even plant some of your own!

Sea Otters latest Times Table Rock Stars and Spelling Shed rankings!

Sea Lions Scores for Times Table Rockstars, Spelling Shed and Maths Shed!

                                                                                                  Friday 27th March, 2020

Hi Year 3,


We hope you are all well and have been enjoying the glorious sunshine this week. Hopefully things are starting to feel more normal after a week at home: it has felt strange not seeing you all and we miss you!


We have attached some learning for you to have a go at next week before the 2 week Easter break begins. Once you have completed the planning sheet attached, please have a go at writing your own Tinga Tale. Write it in draft first, then make any changes to it that you think will improve it (ask someone else for their advice too if it helps) and then write it up in best with some illustrations. Don't forget to email us any completed stories and we will put some on here for you all to share.


We have updated My Maths and Spelling shed too, so try and have a go at what's on there as it compliments your learning for this week. Email us with any questions or just to say hi and we will get back to you as quick as we can. Have a lovely weekend.


From the Year 3 team

Your Tinga Tinga Tales!

More Home Learning Resources to look at!

Check out some of the websites on the document below.

Top Tip alert!


If you want to improve your drawing skills, go onto youtube and type in 'How to draw- Steve Harpster.' You will find step by step tutorials for how to draw a variety of different animals and cartoon characters. I've attached one below that me and my 2 girls did earlier in the week. Hope you enjoy it like we did.

Mrs Claxton

Here are some pictures of brilliant home learning, well done Year 3! It's lovely to see what you have been up to.

Check out R.A in Sea Otters powerpoint on African Animals!

'Start The Day With Exercise' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

Move-it Monday - 'Start The Day With Exercise' There's bags of scope with this song for a high-energy workout to start your week. Get singing and moving, and...

Happy Courage Day!

There are many people across the world at the moment who are showing great courage to help others and keep others safe. In a way they are our superheroes, putting themselves before others.

Your task is to design your own superhero and a medal for that superhero.

Is there someone you have seen or heard about on television that you could use as inspiration for your design?

Send in your designs and let's create a superhero gallery! 

You can use the attached sheets for ideas or just draw your own!

Great Superhero and Medal from N.Q in Sea Otters. A very worthy Superhero by the look of it!

What are you reading?

We would like to know what book you are reading at the moment.

Send in your current book to the class email and we will put them onto the website.

What is the most popular book in year 3?

Mrs Rust's current reading book!

Miss Forden's current reading book!

Mrs Claxton's current reading books!

Current Reading Books in Year 3

Using Espresso

There are 2 parts to the Espresso website:

-Espresso, where they can look up activities and videos about their curriculum split into subjects.

-Espresso coding , where the children can complete coding activities.

See the document below for more information on how to access and navigate the website.

Using the Pobble 365 website

Pobble 365 is a website full of thought provoking pictures. In school we use the pictures in many ways: to start stories, to promote discussion about the pictures and to stimulate creative writing, to name just a few.

Every week we will choose a picture from Pobble 365 that we would like the children to think about. There are some activities and questions that go with each picture but even if you just talk about the picture with your child, that is fine. Ask them what is happening in the picture, discuss any emotions it makes them feel, or what might happen next...

To continue with our superhero theme, our picture this week features Superman.

Superman's Dilemma

Superman's Dilemma activities

Supporting parents and carers through disruption

This video provides guidance to parents and carers about how they can help children and young people manage their mental health and wellbeing during any disr...

5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV

Spring Term in Year 3

Our topic this term is 'African Adventures'. Have a look at our knowledge organiser to find out what the children will be learning.

Here is our Autumn term curriculum brochure.

Year 3 visited Charmouth Heritage Centre on Monday 14th October.

The weather wasn't on our side but that did not stop the children having a fantastic, if damp, day.

The children began the day by finding our more about our beautiful Jurassic coast and why Charmouth is such an important place to visit. 

They were then shown more about fossils and fossil hunting. The staff at the centre showed them not only what fossils they might find on the beach but also tips to help them find them!

The fossil hunting on the beach was very exciting! We found lots of different types of fossils. Even though it was wet and windy, the children were determined to take home a momento of their visit!



Our Summer Term topic is Spectacular Stone Age and Ruling Romans!

Here are some ideas for Roman Day on Thursday 11th July.

To make a tunic boys could just use a large T-shirt and put a belt around the middle. Plain ones work best.

Or a Toga!


There is no obligation to dress up , but it does help the children feel a part of the whole experience.


More ideas for homemade costumes.

We have enjoyed our Stone Age art work.
Sea Otters Amazing Stone Age Art!
Please enjoy reading our Summer Term Curriculum Brochure!

Welcome back to the Spring Term 


Please see our Spring Term Curriculum brochure.

Sea Otter's African Wow Day

Sea Otters have grown in confidence with their swimming this year.

Year 3 enjoyed making Maize Meal biscuits!
You could  have a try at making them at home.
Our trip to Charmouth was fun!
We enjoyed our Wow day!

Here is our Year 3 overview for the term

Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your Teacher know!
Have you seen the Learning Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.

Sea Otters Roman Day - Wednesday 11 July

ATC - Year 3 made iMovies using photos taken on our latest trip to the Ancient Technology Centre. Take a look at what we got up to....

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Sea Lions enjoyed making Woolly Mammoths and creating Stone Age cave paintings.

Summer Term - Wednesday 18 April 2018 Spectacular Stone Age WOW day! See what Sea Otters got up to!


Year 3's New Year started off with a BANG

- of drums that is!

Today, 9 January, we celebrated our new topic "Africa" with drums, dance, painting and baking!


Africa WOW Day 9 January 2018

editedVideo_09-01-2018 1.mp4

Still image for this video

editedVideo_09-01-2018 2.mp4

Still image for this video

editedVideo_09-01-2018 3.mp4

Still image for this video

editedVideo_09-01-2018 4.mp4

Still image for this video

editedVideo_09-01-2018 5.mp4

Still image for this video

editedVideo_09-01-2018 6.mp4

Still image for this video

editedVideo_09-01-2018 7.mp4

Still image for this video

editedVideo_09-01-2018 8.mp4

Still image for this video

Sea Otters are doing really well with their swimming and it is great to see their positive attitude shining through

We enjoyed our CR8 day. We co-operated to make our dinosaurs.

"Flight" was the inspiration for Year3 Arts Week 16-20 October 17

Children learnt about the Wright Brothers, the Montgolfier Brothers and Amelia Earhart.  Sea Otters made junk model planes as well as designing and making their own bi-planes using wooden pegs and lolly sticks. They designed their own Hot Air Balloons and made 3D models, they also collaged aeroplanes and designed bird wings using paint drops and blowing the paint with a straw.  We also had a paper plane competition and a science experiment to see who could keep their egg from breaking when dropped from a height! The children had a chance to draw a "birds eye view" perspective for the windows of the aeroplane we created in Sea Otters classroom.

A glimpse of Sea Otters art afternoon Thursday 2nd November 2017.....

2017 / 2018

Our new and exciting year started off with a trip back in time to the Land Of The Dinosaurs!

Both Year 3 Classes were thrown back into History through the amazingly fantastic Science Dome today. The children were taught about the earliest forms of earth and how it has changed over the last 245 million years. They were introduced to Dinosaurs through the interactive 360 degree display inside the dome and were immersed into a new world with smiles and fascination all round. The children also watched a feature film, 'Dinosaurs @ Dusk' where they took to the skies and discovered the origins of flight following a teenage girl, Lucy, and her father, who share a passion for flying and all things that fly. The children witnessed paragliding over the countryside, and experienced the soaring of pterosaurus and the ancestors of the modern bird; the feathered dinosaurs. Children were also given insights into continental drift, proper motion of stars, asteroids and impacts, extinctions and the congvergent development of flight amoung species.


All In all a brilliant experience the children were 'wowed' by.




Sports Day was a rather hot affair.....

50m Boys

Still image for this video

75m Girls

Still image for this video

Year 3 50m and 75m finals

On Thursday 15th we had a visit from a scientist, Ian Dunne, who came to teach us about different science concepts through experiments and interesting explanations.  

To say the pupils were enthralled is an understatement!!

Sea Lions Labyrinth Day....14 June 2017

Years 3 and 4 working together solving different puzzles!

Sea Lions at the Ancient Technology Centre 19 May 2017

Sea Lions DT - Cars made from recycled materials

African Fun Day 28 March 2017

African day 2017 013.MOV

Still image for this video

african day 2 004.MOV

Still image for this video

Sea Lions African Drumming

Still image for this video

sea lions life ed van 011.MOV

Still image for this video

Sea Lions in the Life Ed Van...

We have been learning about African animals. We hope you like our pictures!
If you missed our Moroccan Magic Art Afternoon, here is a glimpse........ 
We had fun dressing up as our favourite book characters on World Book Day -2 March 2017!