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Year 1

Welcome to Year One!

Please use this page to find support and resources that may help during school closure. Please look out on Tapestry also for additional updates and messages. Remember to send any photos of work to your teachers using the class email address or Tapestry. We would love to add this to our Year One Gallery!

Week Beginning 13th July

Here is the final week of learning for Year One!! 

We would just like to say how proud we are of all of you and send a HUGE well done to each and every one of you and your amazing parents too! What a rollercoaster it has been...we are so sad we didn't get to teach you for the last term in Year One but it is a year none of us will ever forget! We hope you have positive experiences to look back on and feel proud of yourselves for dealing with so much change in these uncertain times. 

All the lovely children in Angelfish and Seahorses will always have a special place in our own memories as we have thought about you and missed you so much over this last few months. 

Enjoy your summer break, enjoy your family time (keep reading please!) and we look forward to seeing you all when you return in September. 

With Love,

Mrs Lang, Mrs Baggridge and Mrs Ford

Week beginning 6th July


Hi Seahorses and Angelfish.

We've seen some super home learning again this week. Great perseverance everyone! Hopefully you all now know which class you will be in next year. We know that your new teachers are looking forward to meeting you on the Zoom meetings over the next two weeks. We have told them lots of fantastic things about you! If there is anything you'd like to know please send us a message. 

Here is this week's home learning for you. We hope you have a great week!


Mrs Lang, Mrs Baggridge and Mrs Ford



Week beginning 29th June

Hello Angelfish and Seahorses...another week has flown by! We hope some of our website learning suggestions are still proving useful for your home learning. Hopefully the children are showing their resilience in this final stretch of the 'marathon' as we head towards the summer holiday. Please keep in touch, we love to hear from the children who are continuing to learn at home and are really missing seeing them in person.

Mrs Lang, Mrs Ford and Mrs Baggridge


Week beginning 22nd June


We hope you have all had a good week and managed to avoid the rain!  It has been great to see what you've all been doing. Please keep sharing your amazing home learning on Tapestry.

We hope you enjoy this week's home learning.


Mrs Lang, Mrs Baggridge and Mrs Ford

Week beginning Monday 15th June


We hope you all had another enjoyable week, it is a shame that the weather has become colder!   


Please keep posting your home learning on Tapestry, Mrs Newman is still keeping this up to date and we are looking forward to seeing what you have been up to this week!


We hope you all enjoy this week's learning.


Mrs Lang, Mrs Baggridge and Mrs Ford

Week beginning Monday 8th June


We hope you all had an enjoyable first week in June. It has been fantastic to see some of your smiling faces and to see your amazing home learning on Tapestry and by email. You are all doing very well and we are so impressed with your resilience!  


Please keep posting your home learning on Tapestry, Mrs Newman is still keeping this up to date and we are keeping an eye on what you have been up to!


We hope you all enjoy this week's learning.


Mrs Lang, Mrs Baggridge and Mrs Ford

Week beginning Monday 1st June


We hope you all had an enjoyable half term break and have made the most of the beautiful sunny weather. We are looking forward to hearing about your adventures! Home learning may take on a slightly different look this half term, as we juggle online and in school learning. If you are learning at home, please continue to post your activities on Tapestry as we love to see them. Mrs Newman will be keeping this up to date.

For those of you returning to school on Wednesday, we are looking forward to seeing you. We will send you a little more information on Tuesday to help you to be ready for your return. 


We hope you all enjoy this week's learning.


Mrs Lang, Mrs Baggridge and Mrs Ford

Back To Basics - a short video to support the return to school from the Dorset Mental Health School Support Team.

A house needs foundations to stand up safely and so does your wellbeing. Returning to school? Watch this short video to find out how to make going back a lit...

Week Beginning 18th May

Wow! Another week has flown by and we have had the pleasure of hearing all about another week's worth of amazing home learning, activities and family time. We are so proud of all the children in Year One for showing such resilience.

Here is another week's worth of activities for you to use or adapt as you wish.

Thank you again for your continued support, we are thinking of you all daily.

Mrs Ford, Mrs Baggridge and Mrs Lang 

Week Beginning 11th May

We hope you all had a good week of home learning. Thank you again for getting in contact either by Tapestry or Email and especially for sending in any photos of your children and their activities. We really do LOVE to see them smiley

We hope you managed to enjoy a home celebration of VE Day in some form and also the lovely sunshine. 

Please click on the icons below for this week's home learning. Hopefully the 'must' 'should' and 'could' guidance will help you to prioritise learning to suit your own home situation.  We understand that lots of you will have questions following this weekend's announcement too. School will update you when we know more information. 

Any questions, please send us a message. 

Mrs Lang, Mrs Baggridge and Mrs Ford 

Week beginning 4th May


Thank you for all of your fantastic Tapestry posts and emailed photos last week. It was great to see what you've all been getting up to! There's so much amazing home learning going on. Well done everyone! 

Please use the icons below to find your new learning for this week. You  do not have to complete every activity, but we would like you to prioritise Phonics, Individual reading, English and Maths. You will see that we have labelled individual activities 'Must', 'Should' or 'Could' . Please try to complete the 'Must ' activities each week. The important thing is just that you try your best and enjoy your learning. If you have any questions about these, please get in touch by email or Tapestry. Please take time to have lots of fun too!

Drop us a Tapestry post or email, to share this weeks learning with us, especially if we haven't heard from you in the last week or so! We love to see your pictures and your happy faces! We are definitely missing you all.

Friday 8th May is a Bank Holiday, marking the 75th anniversary of VE Day. We have included some activities for this in our 'Let's Explore' section.

We hope you are all using your values, particularly kindness and co-operation, and enjoying your time at home.


Mrs Lang, Mrs Ford and Mrs Baggridge







Week beginning 27th April


We hope that you enjoyed some of the different activities we set you last week.

It was great to see some of your learning on Tapestry. We could see that you have been persevering in your learning, well done everyone!

Please use the icons below to find your new learning for this week. We would like you to try to complete a Phonics activity, a Reading or English activity and a Maths activity each day. Please keep up your individual reading too. We have included links to some free e-books which are like the books from our reading scheme. 


There is no expectation that you complete every activity we suggest ; the important thing is that you try your best. We know you all learn differently and find different things easy/tricky. Just do your best and enjoy your learning! 


Also, we appreciate that lots of you do not have access to a printer.  Please do not feel that you have to print worksheets as you can record your answers in the book we gave you, although some children at this age will find having the printed sheet useful. Our top tip is to switch your printer settings to black & white if you choose to print! We are available on our class email or Tapestry if you have any questions.


We are missing you lots!


Mrs Lang, Mrs Ford and Mrs Baggridge

Week Beginning 20th April 

Hello Angelfish and Seahorses! We hope you enjoyed the Easter Break and extra time with your families. We are thinking of you all every day. 

Now the Summer Term has begun we will be giving you some work to complete at home. Each day there will be a Maths and English task to do and a weekly reading comprehension. Please continue to use Spelling Shed to practise spellings. We will also give ideas for 'Let's Explore' activities which will involve Art, Science, Geography etc.

We are fully aware that everyone's circumstances at home will vary dramatically due to all the factors that families are needing to juggle at the moment so please just do what you can do with the time/resources that you have available to you. We are available on our class email or Tapestry if you have any questions. 

Mrs Lang, Mrs Ford and Mrs Baggridge 



EEF supporting daily routines during school closures

Consistent routines can be a struggle at home with changes to our home working and schooling. Routines support behaviour and wellbeing. You will be finding a...

Some parents have asked us to give an idea of how a week of home learning might be structured. Here is our suggested timetable. It is only a guide, so please do what works best for your child and your family. If you need any further advice please do not hesitate to email us. 



Here are this weeks Phase 5  phonics revision activities. Some will be online activities and some will be printable.


Monday 20th April


Please complete the activities accompanying the ay phoneme video


Tuesday 21st April


Select Phase 5 and the a-e phoneme option




English: Traditional Tales


Monday 20th April


Please read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This could be the version we sent home in your pack or the one below.

Your challenge today is to tell the story in different ways.  You could use actions, like we do in class, use your toys, such as soft toys or lego, or make stick puppets to retell the tale. Remember to use the language from the story. If you'd like to video your retelling we'd love to see it!

For an extra challenge you could change the bears to a different animal in your story!



Tuesday 21st April


Today we'd like you to draw a story map of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You are the experts on story maps and it would be great if you could show your parents or carers what to do!

Remember to add in any helpful vocabulary that you might use when writing a story.


We look forward to seeing your story maps!


Story map example


Story map example

Wednesday 22nd April


Today’s the day to write the start of your story. If you changed the bear characters you can write about your new characters or you can write the traditional version, it’s up to you.

Remember to start with ‘Once upon a time’ and to describe Goldilocks when you introduce her.


Just like in class, these are the things to make your writing successful:


  • capital letters for sentence starts, places and names
  • finger spaces between words
  • full stops to end sentences 
  • exclamation marks to end ‘exciting’ sentences
  • sounding out your words using phonics 
  • try to spell tricky (high frequency) words correctly


You will have Thursday and Friday to finish your story.


Happy writing!

Thursday 24th & Friday 25th April


Keep writing your story! Look at your story map to check what you need to write about next. Remember to use a range of verbs and amazing adjectives to make your sentences interesting. 

Read the story back to yourself to check it makes sense. 

We can’t wait to read your tales!



Extra challenge 


We know that some of you are super speedy story writers. If you finish and need a challenge, you can become a detective who is hunting for that naughty Goldilocks!

Make your own ‘Wanted’ poster describing Goldilocks and her crimes. 

Reading Comprehension Week 1

Summer Term Science

This week we will be learning about humans. Please see pages 9- 13 of this booklet.

Let's Explore

Our theme his term is Animals, starting with ourselves!


Here are a range of Let's Explore activities:


Activity 1


My Body

Make labels for the different parts of the human body. How many can you name? Ask a willing relative, use a doll, make a playdough person or draw a picture and place the labels in the correct place.



Activity 2



Draw a portrait of a member of your family or a friend. Study them carefully, you can use a photo if they're not in your home.  Think about the shape of their face and their features. You could make a frame to display your masterpiece!Next you may like to try a sculpture of them if you have clay or dough? Or make your portrait from other things such as leaves, twigs and flowers, fruit and vegetables or fabric?






Activity 3


Healthy snack

Make a healthy snack for your family. This could be a something such as a fruit salad,veggie wrap, fruit kebab or a smoothie. Remember to ask an adult to supervise you to keep you safe in the kitchen!










Resources to help reassure your child during this time



It is now the Easter Holidays. Please set learning aside and enjoy the Easter break. We will be setting home learning for Monday 20th April, when Summer Term would have started.

We have put a few fun Easter ideas on here that you may like to try. 


Wishing you all a happy Easter Holiday!




Home Learning Weeks 1&2

Your children have been given home learning packs last week. These contain a piece of English, Maths and handwriting for most days. We have uploaded copies of these where possible. There is also a small Science booklet about materials. Please use Phonics Play freely to play any Phase 5 game, helping your child to keep up to speed in their phonic development. Spelling Shed is also a great resource. We will be updating spelling lists weekly for their games. 

Take time to have fun. Make models, draw pictures, play in the garden, dress up, sing songs, plant seeds....we don't want all learning to be 'formal'. 

Please feel free to share your child's activities on Tapestry. We will also use tapestry to keep you updated too.




Sentence Writing

Here are some sentence starters and picture prompts. Don't forget finger spaces, full stops and cursive letters. Happy writing!


Look out for our story videos on Tapestry. There will be stories for the children to enjoy, whilst we're not able to have our usual story time together. 

We know many of your children love building lego in school. There are some great challenges to attempt here and we would love to see their completed models on Tapestry. 
Here are some phonic flashcards which children may like to cut out and practise. If they are finding some of them tricky to remember then just focus on a few each week. 

Courage Day

Today is our Courage Values Day. We know you are all showing lots of courage at the moment.  You may like to discuss the ways in which your child is showing courage in accepting the changes in life and routines, how those around us such as elderly family members are showing courage and how others in the wider community such as medical staff are showing great courage.It is a value to be proud of in such unprecedented times. 

Please share this story with your child. They could make and decorate a courage jar or box like Milton's. Ask your child put all the ways that they have shown courage into the jar/box. This can keep being added to. We have discussed courage lots in class, so hopefully they will have many ideas! We would love to share the photos of your courage jars.




Courage cards

It would be lovely if your child could draw and write a card for somebody who they think has shown courage. You could take photos and email/ message these to them. They may want to do this for somebody showing particular courage at the moment, such as our doctors and nurses, carers, supermarket workers or those having the courage to stay at home by themselves for a long time. We're sure their courage cards will make them smile!


'Start The Day With Exercise' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

Move-it Monday - 'Start The Day With Exercise' There's bags of scope with this song for a high-energy workout to start your week. Get singing and moving, and...

Supporting parents and carers through disruption

This video provides guidance to parents and carers about how they can help children and young people manage their mental health and wellbeing during any disr...

5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV

Great for all ages but aimed primarily at Key Stage 1 40 seconds work | 20 seconds rest Marching On The Spot Star Jumps Low Sprint Shuffle Squats Climb The Rope

Today was a great 'Dare to be Different' day. The children looked great! Thank you for your donations. Hopefully they have also enjoyed our Sports Week activities and thinking more about how to be active and keep healthy. 




Autumn Term


As we are learning about the weather in our science lessons, we just had to add these photographs of the rainbow we saw today!

Decorations Morning!

Photographs of art from Asia Arts Week around our school

Arts Week 15:10:18 -19:10:18  Japan


We have a great Arts Week learning all about Japan. We started off by having a magic carpet ride from school to Japan! We have learnt lots of new skills, tried some sushi, listened to and danced to Japanese music. We have also had the opportunity to work with our Buddy Classes in Year 3 and Year 5.


The children have created a background using primary colours, then mixed them and added black and white for tone and tint for some of their artwork to be displayed on. Have a look at Year 1 in action in the photographs below.


Don't forget our whole school Art Exhibition is on Friday 2nd November and Monday 5th November.

Arts Week Photographs

Arts Week!

Dear Parents/Carers,

Just a reminder that next week (15:10:18) is Arts Week, Seahorses and Angelfish will be learning about Japan. If you are able to help or have anything that will enhance our learning, please let us know.

Thank you,

The Year One Team

Perseverance Value Day 12:10:18


The children enjoyed dressing in orange today for our value of Perseverance. We talked about how we felt when we found things difficult and how when we persevere we feel good. As we know "Hard is Good!" 

The children completed some tricky but fun activities, showing lots of perseverance and cooperation. We all enjoyed listening to songs like 'Don't give up' and Inksy Spinksy Spider'. What a fantastic day of learning.

Perseverance Photographs

RE Day 11th October 2018

Angelfish and Seahorses have spent the day learning about the Jewish Festival of Sukkot. They acted the story of Moses in the wilderness and had a great time making shelters (Sukkahs). Seahorses made their shelters on a large scale using the furniture in the classroom and Angelfish made theirs out of boxes and decorated with leaves and fruit. 

We have also talked about Harvest and things in our wonderful world we would like to give thanks for.


Here is a lovely prayer written by Arya.

Dear God,

Thank you for the doctors and nurses who make us better.

Thank you for the animals who give us food and drink.

Thank you for Harvest



Great co-operation and perseverance too when making our Sukkahs (shelters).

What a Wonderful World


Today we learnt about Harvest and  about how wonderful our world is, by watching Louis Armstrong singing the song and a video clip narrated by David Attenborough showing lots of amazing animals! We then went outside to look at nature and find things that made us say WOW!



What a Wonderful World Photographs

English Learning: Working collaboratively to create story maps

I Spy Walk around Blandford


As part of our topic “Home and Away”, we went for an I Spy Walk around the town! We had to find things lots of things to find and discovered many interesting facts about Blandford Forum. We all really enjoyed the experience!








Photographs from our I Spy Walk around Blandford

Happiness Value Day


We had a great day learning all about our school value of happiness, the children all brought in something that made them happy. They talked confidently to the class about the reasons their object made them happy. All of the children showed great respect when listening to others which has made us all extremely proud. Later, we all tried on the Happiness Helmet and it really worked! Look at the photograph of Mr Brickell below!

Mr Brickell tried on our Happiness Helmet! We think it worked!





Designing a town


A fantastic time using most of our school values to design a town on the field. Lots of skills developed too!

Wow Day-Working collaboratively to design a town

Summer Term 2017-2018

Dear Parents/Carers,


Thank you so much for all of the lovely cards, gifts and the kind words. This school year has been brilliant and we have thoroughly enjoyed teaching your lovely children. We know they will continue to work just as hard in Year 2.

Thank you for all of your support this year; we really, really appreciate it!

The Year 1 Team

Today we ended our Topic of 'Go Wild' with a visit from Zoo Lab! The children were really excited to see a variety of animals and learn even more about the natural world. Dan, from Zoo Lab was really impressed with the children's knowledge and understanding, he said he had never known children of this age showing such a good understanding and was also impressed with the questions they asked. Well done Seahorses and Angelfish!

We saw a cockroach, a scorpion, a rat, a snail, a stick insect,  a millipede, a frog and a snake. Most of the children were confident to either touch or hold the different animals!

This topic has been such a success and the children and staff have thoroughly enjoyed it

Zoo Lab

Mr Brickell's Visit


Seahorses and Angelfish were really lucky to have another visitor to come and talk to them about looking after animals. Mr Brickell came in to explain all about his dogs, Betty and Dave. We were so excited to see he had bought Betty with him! All of the children asked amazing questions and they all got the chance to stroke Betty! What a great experience for us all!

Mr Brickell and Betty Dog

A visit from Mrs Hicks

We were really lucky to have a visit from Mrs Hicks and listen to her telling us all about her pets. The children had composed questions as part of our English learning and confidently asked Mrs Hicks questions about her pets and how she looked after them.

Mrs HIcks

Year 1 Forest School Day!


Seahorses and Angelfish had a great day investigating plants and animals, creating natural art and learning lots! We all had lots of fun and listened well to Adrian, who ran the day. He was really impressed with the attitude all of the children showed and we were very proud of them. This is what Adrian said about our fantastic Year one children:

"What a lovely day and great children, a pleasure to spend time outside with them; keen to learn, investigate, explore and have fun!"


Forest School Day

Go Wild!


This term, our topic is Go Wild!

We will be learning about plants and animals, looking at what they need to survive, how to care for them and finding out interesting facts.

We have been exploring the school grounds looking for deciduous and evergreen trees!



Cassie the dog!Go Wild!


We have been extremely lucky to have welcomed Mr Harding into school with Cassie the dog and a snake! Lots of the children were keen to touch the snake and enjoyed the experience! Questions from the children were very interesting and they were able to extend their knowledge. Well done Year 1!

Meeting Turtles!


We were very luck to have the chance to see some musk turtles. We even got the chance to hold them. The children asked some really good questions and found out lots about how musk turtles live, how to care for them and what they eat.


Planting fun!


We have been looking around our school grounds looking for plants!


Having fun in the snow!

Seahorses and Angelfish visited the Priest's House Museum in Wimborne. We learnt about life in the past; making peg dolls, learning games,tried to wash clothes without having any electricity and looking at lots of old toys. The children learnt lots and were incredibly well behaved as always. A real credit to our school.  Since returning to school they have been looking at artefacts from the past and have used them in our role play areas. 

Year One enjoyed dressing up in green clothes for 'Kindness Day' on Friday 9th February. They thought of lots of ways to show kindness to each other and the adults in school and at home. Some children made cards to give to their friends with a kind message inside, this really put a smile on their faces!

Kindness cards

Recipe for Challah Bread

Challah Bread

  • 600ml (1 pint) warm water (45 C)
  • 1 tablespoon dried active baking yeast
  • 7 tablespoons honey
  • 4 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1kg (2 1/4 lb) plain flour+10


· Email

Serves: 30

  • 600ml (1 pint) warm water (45 C)
  • 1 tablespoon dried active baking yeast
  • 7 tablespoons honey
  • 4 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1kg (2 1/4 lb) plain flour


Prep:3hr › Cook:40min › Ready in:3hr40min

  1. In a large bowl, sprinkle yeast over warm water. Beat in honey, oil, 2 eggs and salt. Add the flour in small amounts, beating after each addition, graduating to kneading with hands as dough thickens. Knead until smooth and elastic and no longer sticky, adding flour as needed. Cover with a clean damp cloth and let rise for 1 1/2 hours or until dough has doubled in size.
  2. Punch down the risen dough and turn out onto floured board. Divide in half and knead each half for five minutes or so, adding flour as needed to keep from getting sticky. Divide each half into thirds and roll into long snake about 4cm (1 1/2 in) in diameter. Pinch the ends of the three snakes together firmly and plait from middle.
  3. Grease two baking trays and place a finished plait on each. Cover with towel and let rise about one hour.
  4. Preheat oven to 190 C / Gas mark 5.
  5. Beat the remaining egg and brush a generous amount over each plait. Sprinkle with poppy seeds if desired.
  6. Bake in preheated oven for about 40 minutes. Bread should have a nice hollow sound when tapped on the bottom. Cool on a rack for at least one hour before slicing.



Seahorses and Angelfish enjoyed making Challah Bread as part of our learning about Shabbat (The Jewish Sabbath). We read the recipe, measured the ingredients, mixed the ingredients. Then we left the dough covered with a damp cloth. After lunch the dough had risen; so we kneaded it, rolled and plaited it. We put it in the oven and it was ready to eat just as we were ready to go home! It was delicious!

Shabbat- Making Challah Bread

Have a look at the wonderful photographs below of Seahorses Arts Week, where we learnt about the inventor John Logie Baird. We created some stunning black and white art. Then used primary colours and mixed them to discover how to make other colours. 

Spring Term Curriculum Brochure

DT Day Monday 8th January 2018


After listening to and joining in with the story of the 3 Little Pigs, the children worked with partners to create a house of either straw, sticks or bricks. The were also able to choose to make stick puppets of the characters. Later, we looked around the school grounds for materials used in buildings. We found wood, brick, stone, glass and metal. Unfortunately, we couldn't find anything made from straw-I wonder why?



Can you tell what materials we found in the school grounds?

Welcome back to the Spring Term!

Here are some diary dates for Year One:


8th January - DT Day - We will be making 3 Little Pigs Houses!

17th January - Geography Day - We will be learning about Kampong- Ayer.

26th January - RE Day - We will be learning about the Jewish celebration of Shabbat.

7th February - Science/DT Day - We will be making healthy wraps and smoothies.

20th & 21st February - Trip to Priest's House

We have been learning about the Jewish festival of Sukkot and worked collaboratively to create Sukkah's -Shelters

Seahorses and Angelfish 2017-2018