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Developing Experts

This week, we begin our new Science Learning Platform, called Developing Experts. 

You should have received an email and  a letter with details about how to log on and with your individual code. There will be a new lesson on the website each Monday. Please email us if you have any problems logging in.


This week's lesson is 'Know about the life and work of Sir David Attenborough'. 


For each lesson, watch the presentation, then scroll down for the quiz, assessment and a wordsearch. Click on the Narration button to hear the words. Each lesson has 'Rocket words' (key vocabulary) to learn and test yourself on. There is a 'Mission Assignment' each week to extend your learning, if you have time.


This week, the task is to create a 10 question quiz about Sir David Attenborough, based on research from books or the internet. 


If you have limited access to the internet, you could use the documents below to help you instead.



Extension Task: 

Choose an animal to research and create a documentary - Attenborough-style - to perform to your family.