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This is the first week of using our new resource the 'Developing Experts' website.

We will be using it to help with our weekly Science lessons. 


Your children will need their new login which was emailed to logon to the dashboard where their homework will be waiting for them from Monday 4th May. 

The homework will normally start with a visual presentation that they can watch. I find it useful to have the 'narration' switched on so the children can listen and read what is being spoken.

on this page there will be weekly instructions of how we want the children to use the website.


This week's SHOULD tasks:

1. Watch the presentation.

2Have a go at the Mission Assignment: Make or draw a flower and label the different parts. Add in what their function in the flower is. Use the model they have demonstrated as an example. Use the end of the presentation to check you have labelled it correctly on the spoiler alert part! Look back in the presentation to remember what the functions are.


Or  label the picture of a flower and compete the handout.

3. -Have a look at the quizzes.

Label the parts of a flower handout

Useful documents from previous weeks.