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Developing Experts - 'Should do' task

If you have any problems logging on to Developing Experts, please email us. Please see the email and letter with your individual code. There will be a new lesson on the website each Monday. 


This week's lesson is 'Be able to explain the words dissolve and solution'. 


For each lesson, watch the presentation, then scroll down for the quiz, assessment and a wordsearch. Click on the Narration button to hear the words. Each lesson has 'Rocket words' (key vocabulary) to learn and test yourself on. There is a 'Mission Assignment' each week to extend your learning, if you have time.


Here is your task for this week:

You are going to design your own experiment to investigate whether the temperature of water affects the speed at which molecules dissolves. 
Watch the Mission Assignment video for help to conduct the experiment.

Fill one beaker of water with warm water and one with cold water. Add the same amount of sugar to each beaker.  Observe what happens. Record your findings on the handout.