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Religious Education

Sikhism Task 6 - The last one! 

During the last five weeks, we have been exploring the question - How far would a Sikh go for his/her religion?

We have looked at many of the ways Sikhs give their time and follow specific rules to show their commitment to their religion. This includes the things that they wear as well as the things that they do.

They show respect for their holy book (Guru Granth Sahib) and building (Gurdwara) and treat everyone as equals.


Your Tasks

1. If you have completed most or all of the previous tasks please have a go at answering this question -

Why do you think Sikhs put so much effort into their religion? Would it be okay if some Sikhs didn't put as much effort in? 


2. If you haven't completed any of the previous tasks...

Think about something that is very important to you - it could be a hobby. What would you be prepared to give up for this? 

Some suggestions could be -

Time with your friends or family. 

Time on gadgets (X-Box, iPad),

Time to practice - how much time would you be prepared to give up?

Pocket money or birthday money to help pay for equipment.

Food you really like (sweets, chips, chocolate).


Record your ideas in your book or on paper. 

Rank the ideas in order of MOST HAPPY TO GIVE UP to LEAST HAPPY TO GIVE UP. 

You could write why you have ranked them in that order.