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Jewish affirmation                                                 'should'

The Shema is a very important Jewish prayer.  It is one of the first prayers learnt by Jewish children. It is said everyday by Jewish people and it is included in nearly every service at the Synagogue. It is a declaration of faith in one God and it says that Jewish people should love God and keep his rules.



The Shema can be found inside the Torah and inside a Mezuzah.



Please use this link to watch a video of a Jewish child reading the Shema. - (Please stop the video at 1.45).



You may have made promises, such as, a Cub/Brownie promise.  At school, when you sign the class charter you make a promise to follow our school values.



Your Task: Write your own special promise about your relationship with somebody special to you. For example, you may write a promise to a brother or sister.  You could even write a promise to a friend or God. You could write this onto a scroll and illustrate it with a picture of the person you wish to make the promise to.