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We are trialling a new set of excellent resources to enable children to practise their maths from home. For each day there is a tutorial video, a worksheet (Get the activity) and the answers (Get the answers).

The video starts with a Flashback 4 activity to recap skills and then shares the learning for the day. It is followed up by the worksheet. Please follow the link below, find Summer Term Week 2, select the daily video and then 'Get the activity'.

There were 2 weeks of lessons (displayed as week 1 and week 2) before the Easter break and last week's (Summer Term 1) Children may or may not wish to go through these as additional work!

Some tasks may require extra equipment (eg a ruler) and we appreciate not all children may have access to extra resources at home. Please do not worry. We'll be proud of the children for completing any sections they can access and we are mindful that not all children will be able to complete all the learning for many different reasons. Just do what you can!

Friday 1st May 

Try challenge 1 and 2 today!