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Our Math's topic this week is looking at Addition and Subtraction and making sure the children can recall facts quickly and can understand the relationship between the two. This will then make any formal Maths they do easier too.

There are 3 lesson on My Maths and 2 follow up lessons to consolidate their learning and practice using their number facts in formal addition and subtraction.

MUST Tasks:

My Maths

1. Number facts and doubles.

2. Mixed sums over 100.

3. Mental addition and subtraction.

Worksheet tasks.

4. Consolidation addition and subtraction questions.

There are three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. (Printing recommended)

5. Using formal addition and subtraction to work out problems.

There are 3 levels. Bronze, Silver and Gold. Choose which level you want to do. (Printing not essential - as it's good practice for setting our their calculations!)


Don't forget to keep up with your online learning on Maths Shed, Spelling Shed and Times Table Rock Stars.Look on the Class blog for the latest online rankings.


Well done for all of you who took part in the TTRS competition against the other school. We did amazingly!

See the pictures below for school, class and individual results.