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Our Maths topic this week is Place Value. Many of the activities are consolidation activities of what the children have learned throughout the year. Place Value is very important as it underpins almost all of their other Maths Learning.

See the Knowledge Organiser above to see exactly what Place Value includes.


The first 3 tasks have been set on My Maths.

1. Ordering Whole Numbers.

2. HTO Place Value.

3. Greater than, Less than.

4. Estimating.

Choose the appropriate level to work at. 1, 2 or 3 Stars getting harder the more stars there are. (Printing would be useful on this task to help them match up the representations of the numbers)

5. Reasoning and Varied Fluency problem solving questions.

The following activities get the children to apply what they have learnt in a different way, looking at images, puzzles to try and solve the problem.

Most children should be attempting the Silver or Gold tasks.

These are the answers to most of the problem solving activities.


We would like you to keep accessing the Times Table Rock Stars and Maths Shed websites to keep practicing those essential number skills. On Maths Shed we often set assignments for the children to complete just like on Spelling Shed. This week the assignment is Number Bonds to 100.



The Could Task this week is the same as before the half term. If you can take part in the Times Table Rock Star battle between many of our local schools it would be amazing!

The competition finishes on the 6th June, that's this Sunday, so there is still time to take part.

If you do want to take part, login  as usual and click 'DSAT Forum Hub Tournament' or at the top of the page click 'TOTR'.

DSAT Forum Hub Tournament