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'Must' complete one daily maths activity from the White Rose maths. 

(don't forget the video tutorials which are helpful to explain the tasks) 


Please note, the activities and answer sheets are no longer available on the WR website for parents to access directly. We have uploaded them for you below. The video tutorials can still be found on the WR Website or you can follow the link below. 


'Should' use Maths Shed, Hit the Button, Espresso maths or any other online site to practise skills each week (counting in 2s, 10's and 5's are great ones to focus on)


'Could' build this week's focus of addition and subtraction into everyday activities and play. Eg:

  • You have 6 cars in one garage and 8 in another, how many altogether?
  • You have 12 chips and your brother has 13, how many altogether?
  • You have 20 books on your shelf and I take away 11 to read, how many are left?

Could you set your child the challenge of making up some number sentences using their toys? (Look at Friday's problem solving activity cards for some ideas, maybe they could make their own?)