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Marvellous Maths

Maths activities 



Activity 1     Times tables

Please use some of the websites below to practise your times tables.

Times Table Rock Stars -

Times table games -   

Hit the button -

Maths Shed -

Super Movers -



There are also some printable multiplication games you may wish to play with a family member.


Activity 2    Arithmetic


Please complete the arithmetic questions. If there are some you can’t do then please don’t worry! Remember that you don’t need to print this out as you can write the answers into your workbook.  When you have finished, use the answers provided to mark your work. J




We would like you to use the White Rose Hub website to complete the lessons below.

This week the focus is on multiplication and division.



 Each White Rose Lesson has a video clip which explains the learning. These can be found on their website under the Year 4 tab. We are working from Summer Term, Week 3. 


After each video, there is a corresponding worksheet for each day of the week, as labelled up below. The answers are also provided so that you can check your answers. 


Lesson 1 - Multiply 2-digit number by 1 digit number

Lesson 2 - Multiply 3-digit number by 1 digit number

Lesson 3 - Divide 2 digit by 1-digit number

Lesson 4 - Divide 3 digit by 1-digit number


If you would like to, please try the problem solving task!

You will need to show our school value of perseverance. smiley 


Well done to all those of you who have completed lots of MyMaths tasks! Don't forget that there are tasks set for you to have a go at. Don't worry about the completion dates, just have a go.


If you have had a go at a task and got less than 70%, use the guide below to see how to have another go to see if you can improve your score. Good luck!