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This week, it would be great if you could all please use TTRS to practise your times tables. 



Task 1

Below, there are three arithmetic tasks for you to possibly try. Please remember to use written methods if needed.  The answers are also included for you to mark your work.  Remember you don't need to print these out. 


Task 2

Use the link below to the White Rose Hub website. 


Last week, you looked at decimals so it would be great if you could consolidate this learning.

Start on Summer week 1 (20th April), I appreciate that this is a week behind but this will help you to build upon your understanding. 

For each lesson;

-Watch the video clip.

- Try the corresponding worksheet - the questions get progressively harder so just do the ones that you can.

-Use the answers to check your work. 




As an extra challenge, you might like to try to answer the worded problems below


Times Table Rock Stars

Please remember to continue to use Times Table Rock Stars to master those tricky multiplication and division facts.

A ‘battle of the bands’ competition has been set up between Seals and Jellyfish.

Congratulations to Jellyfish as you won the battle last week scoring 5,247 points compared to Seals who earnt 358 points. 

 Who will win this week? It would be great if you could help support your class!


Please e-mail us if you need your login details to be resent to you! smiley 

Arithmetic challenges

Problem Solving