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Keeping Active


There are 2 tasks to look at this week. You could choose or take part in both!

The first is to take part in the  Dorset School Games Virtual Competitions; Cricket and Gymnastics. These events will run from Monday 15th June until Friday 26th June.


Please find attached the interactive PDFs for both events which give instructions, demonstrations and a link to record results. There is also a  Score Sheet attached if you want to record any results.   The events have been designed in association with Dorset Cricket and Head over Heels Gymnastics to be as inclusive as possible and to cater safely for children learning from home 


Make sure the activity takes take place under suitable supervision, ensuring;

• All surfaces are clear, dry and free from debris.

• Sufficient space is cleared around all activity, ensuring the space is obstacles free.


OR you could continue with our Tokyo ten activities. This weeks activity involves protecting the Sofa at all costs!

COULD task


This week is National School Sport Week!


Using the link below will take you to the Youth Sport Trust website where you can register (for free) and can access lots of easy activities to have a go at across the week. There are score cards and challenge cards to give you lots of ideas and chances to record your scores but the basic message is GET ACTIVE!


It doesn't matter whether you think of yourself as 'sporty' or not. It's simply about enjoying being active! If you have a different way you enjoy being active - do it!