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Get Creative

Get Creative 

'Could' task


We know that loads of you out there are really artistic and creative so this activity is perfect for you!


If you use the link below, there are step by step instructions for how to create a piece of doodle artwork just like this example. Don't get too hung up on the materials the artist uses - normal paper and pens/pencils will also work just fine.


I can't wait to see what you've done! Make sure you post them on the blog!

For this creative task you will need to find small items to put inside a plastic bottle.

Using a timer you can see how long it takes for a member of your family to write down what is hidden in the bottle. 

You can see that on a piece of paper you can write the start of items that you have hidden as clues.

Who might find all the items in the fastest time? 

At the end to retrieve your items, you can get an adult to help cut them out of the plastic bottle if they can not fit through the bottle top.