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James' Challenge 23/4/20
This week my eldest son, James, and I made up a challenge to try to help people to keep active even if they don't have lots of outside space or lots of equipment. Thinking of the challenge was the easy bit - videoing it took a while! Hopefully the link below will work and you can challenge yourself to have a go! It would be great to see any videos of you having a go or even just letting us know your score on the blog. Good luck!

Keepy Up challenge!


I'm sure lots of you would be really good at this! It doesn't have to be a football - you can use anything you want. Just try to do as many as you can at 10am on Wednesday this week. If someone can video you doing it, I'd love to see it on the blog!

Running Challenge!

Show us what you can do!wink

Our 1km attempt!

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