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English tasks


Hello Year 4.


You must take the time to read through the power point on Newspaper articles, along with reading the example texts. This will help you understand all the necessary features and how to write a newspaper report. 


You  should try try and write your very own newspaper report- details about this are in the power point. 


You could try the fun descriptive quiz attached as a PDF. The answers are at the bottom so do not look until completed. 

We are going to be learning about newspaper reports! If you carefully read the powerpoint and then the example newspaper reports you will then have a go at writing your very own! We can not wait to read them Year 4! Best of luck.

Have fun trying this picture quiz! You need to write what item you think the picture shows, use some adjectives to describe. The answers are at the bottom of the PDF, only look once you have guessed all of them.