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Reading Tasks - Must Do. 

Did you know on Tuesday 7th of July it is World Chocolate Day! 

Click on the Fairtrade Chocolate PowerPoint link below to find out more about this global organisation and how it links to chocolate

When you have read the information in the PowerPoint, think about why Fairtrade is important. 

Your task is to create a poster to persuade people to support Fairtrade. This can be done on paper or as a Word Document. 

Think carefully about what facts and pictures you will include to make it eye catching and persuasive! Enjoy!  

Daily reading  - try to find time to read every day and don't forget there is a Summer Reading Challenge for you to sign up to on the main year 5 page.  

Writing Task - Must Do. 

Now that you know which class you are going to be in for year 6, this is a perfect opportunity for you to write to your new teacher/s and tell them all about you. So this week's MUST do is to either:

  1. Type a letter in 'Word' - see below for links to choose a page border or create one of your own! Once your letter is typed you can attach it to an email and send it to your new class email - either for Mrs Barber/ King or for Miss Lanning.  
  2. OR Print out the 'Letter to Future Teacher' and hand write your letter, take a close up picture of your letter and attach it in the same way to your new class email.


  • Think carefully about how to start your letter. 

E.g. Dear......, 

I am looking forward to being in your class next year and wanted to tell you all about me. 


  • What do you want to include in the main paragraphs of your letter? 

E.g. Your hobbies, your family, your pets, your favourite subjects, the things you want to achieve/get better at in year 6, what you are looking forward to in year 6 and any questions you want to ask too!


  • How will you end your letter?

E.g. Wish your new teacher/s a lovely summer break and hope to hear from them soon. 


Remember to make a great impression by using the yr5 grammar and sentence structures you know and if you are handwriting it, make it as super neat as you can!👌


Once your teacher has received your letter they will send you a reply as soon as they are able to and answer any questions you might have asked!  


Spelling Shed (Must Do) - Head over to EdShed to practice a new set of challenge words.