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Reading Comprehension - Must Do task

Grammar and Punctuation - Must Do tasks

Writing task - Must Do

This week, you are going to write a discussion text in full, using the structure from the 'Boxing Up' planning you did last week. 

You can choose whether to:

  • Pull together all your ideas from the last few weeks, and write a complete discussion text entitled 'Is learning at home better than learning at school?'  OR

  • Choose a new question and write your own balanced discussion text, e.g. Should all children have daily chores at home?

Should every home should have a pet?

Should every student should play a musical instrument?

Should all museums be free?

Should junk food be banned for children?

Or choose your own hot topic!


Top tip: Use the boxing up structure below to help you plan your discussion. 

When you have finished, spend some time improving it. Check spelling and punctuation. Have you used a good range of conjunctions and discussion language? Do the sentences flow? Do your arguments make sense? 


Spelling Task (Must Do) - head over to Spelling shed for a new set of 'Challenge Words'.