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Reading Comprehension - Must Do task

Grammar and Punctuation - Must Do tasks

Writing tasks - Must Do

We are continuing our Discussion unit, based on our question, 'Is learning at home better than learning in school?' 

Last week, you wrote two paragraphs - one FOR learning at home the other AGAINST learning at home.

This week, you are going to write the introduction and summary paragraphs.

Next week, you will write your completed discussion text in full including any improvements.  


  • First, re-read the Dr Who discussion text below, which we learned in the Spring. Remind yourself of the language features and style. 
  • Next, complete the 'Boxing Up' planning 'Main points to include' for the introduction and summary. Remember to write in the 3rd person (children, parents, teachers, they, NOT 'I' - first person). You should write in note-form, not whole sentences.
  • Using the Dr Who text to help you, add any discussion language words or phrases that may be useful. 
  • Consider which exciting sentences you could use, e.g. De:de, Which, where, who.
  • Now have a go at writing your introduction and summary paragraphs. 




Spelling Task (Must Do) - head over to Spelling shed for a new set of 'Challenge Words'.