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English Tasks for this week (8th June)
Monday the 8th of June is World Oceans Day. The comprehension below links with this - you can choose from 3 challenge levels. 

Reading Comprehension - Must Do Task.


Writing Tasks - Must Do. 

Last week, you thought about some of the experiences you have had since school closed.

I think we would all agree there have been some 'good' things and some 'not so good' things about learning at home. 

This week we are going to start a unit of work on 'Discussion'. You may remember we did some work on this back in January, when we discussed whether children should be given homework.  

 Our question is going to be  - 'Is learning at home better than learning in school?' 

 Think carefully about the good and not so good things about both learning in school and learning at home. Start by making a list of the pros and cons of each type of learning. I have started you off with an idea for each. 

Learning at Home 

           Good                                                                                        Not so Good

    Work at own pace                                                        Teachers and TA's not there to give help                                                                 

Learning at School

           Good                                                                                         Not so Good

    Good to have other children to get ideas from                            Time limits to get work finished. 



This week you are just going to concentrate on writing one paragraph which is going to tell me YOUR viewpoint. So you need to decide if you prefer to learn at home or at school. Choose up to 5 reasons why you think this. 

  • Have a go at drafting a paragraph to give your view.
  • Think about the structure of your writing. 
  • It should use sentence starts shown below.  

I believe that it is better to learn at.......... My first reason is........

In addition to this.......Furthermore.........Lastly..........


  • Remember to give full reasons with examples to justify (back up) your reasons. 
  • When you have completed your 1st draft try to look for ways to improve it. Does it make good sense? Have you explained each reason clearly? Have you used some of the sentence starts to build up your view point? Can you correct any spellings? 


Next week we will look at how to write both sides of this discussion so that we give reasons FOR and AGAINST.