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As always, you don't need to print out the sheets. Make sure you check through your work and for this new half term, try to do some editing and improvements as we would in class. Some of you are already doing this from the work we have seen - well done! 

In some tasks, there are specific improvements to do. At all times, check those basics - punctuation and spelling.  


Reading Comprehension - Must Do Task

Choose from 1, 2 or 3 stars (Bronze, Silver or Gold)

Grammar and Punctuation - Must Do Task. 

Spelling Tasks

Must Do - Head over to Spelling Shed to start practicing the new list of words. 

Should and Could Do

Writing Tasks - Must Do 

This week's writing task is to take inspiration from the time that you have been learning at home.


What new skills have you learned? What have you created or enjoyed that you could describe to us in detail.

It may be that you have been doing some planting or helping in some other way in the garden. Or you may have been busy in the kitchen baking or making. Or perhaps you can think of another positive experience you have had with your family or within your neighbour-hood. Have you had a birthday or other celebration?

If you prefer, you could reflect on your half term holiday and describe a particularly exciting/challenging/busy day.......


  • Think carefully about each sentence so that you are using the grammar and the sentence structures you know.
  • When you have written your first draft try to improve it. 
  • Have you described everything clearly? Have you included how you felt?
  • Can you include any 'Exciting Sentences'? See the 'Exciting Sentences' document to remind you of these. 
  • Use more powerful adjectives?
  • Are there opportunities to use parenthesis?
  • Check spellings! 
  • You COULD write out a 'best' version and concentrate on making your handwriting super neat.