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Week beginning 13.07.2020

Writing Task - Week commencing 20th April


Watch the clip below – diving giraffes.

Your task is to write a diving commentary.  Pretend you are reporting live on this event.


Remember to include:

Recap what the 5ws Who is taking part in the event? What event is it? When is the event taking place? Where is the event taking place? Why should the audience be interested in this?


If you are struggling to get started, try using the starter below.

You join us at the Aquatic Centre, London, with the world’s finest ‘High Diving Giraffes.’ Have they got it in them to win Olympic gold this year? We watch with bated breath…


Be descriptive – tell the listeners precisely what is happening. They need to be able to visualise the event if they couldn’t see it.

Behind the scenes, the acrobatic, agile giraffes are stretching in preparation for today’s epic 5 metre dive. Quite understandably, standing at such elevated heights makes these towering animals nervous. I’ll tell you something with great certainty: it’s not for everybody. With the hopes of a win this year, the aerialist giraffe is carefully moved into place. Let’s hope the apparatus is strong enough to hold these heavy beasts in place.


Once you have finished your reports – please upload to the blog we can’t wait to read them.

Spelling and Grammar- Week commencing 20th April

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