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Hello to our wonderful Year 4's!


For English this week our, 'MUST' task will be to read through the power point about inverted commas and try the first worksheet attached, all answers can be written onto paper.


Your, 'SHOULD' task this week will be to try and watch the video about the teeth (it is rather funny). Then write the speech between the two men. 


Your , 'COULD' task will be- write an alternative ending for the video - perhaps one of them catches another fish, one fisherman may fall overboard in the excitement. It will be up to you to decide, make is as crazy as you like.


We can not wait to see your work. We miss you all! 

Information on inverted commas and a worksheet, you can write the answers out onto paper.

Watch the youtube video below.  Then your task will be to write the speech between the two men. This will of course be what you think they might be saying to each other.  Remember to correctly punctuate! 

2 Old Men Throw Fake Teeth Into The River

2 Old Men Throw Fake Teeth Into The River