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Hello Year 4!


This week for English we will be focusing on discussion texts! We have covered discussion texts in class before so hopefully you will enjoy trying a new one from home. 


This week our 'must' activity would be to make sure you read the pdf presentation which explains in detail how to write a discussion text. You must also read the example discussion texts, I think you will enjoy them.


You, 'should' write notes or plan your argument for and against on a discussion of your choice, be as creative as you like. You, 'should' also try your best at writing your discussion text in full. Use a writing frame to help support you with this. 


You, 'could' go back and edit and improve your discussion text, thinking about ways in which you could make it even better. If you are feeling really confident, perhaps you could write more than one discussion text. 


Extra ideas below of discussions you could write about:


Should all petrol and diesel cars be replaced by electric cars?

Should there be a pet Olympics? 

Should everyone be made to do exercise for 30 mins and eat 5 fruit and veg per day?

Should everyone in the UK be paid the same amount of money, whatever job they do? 

Should TV be limited to 2 hours per day per house hold?