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For this drama activity you are going to read and learn a monologue. A monologue is a long speech by one actor or actress. Learn it off by heart if you can and perform it to your family. If you are feeling confident you are welcome to film yourself performing and can email it across to us. 




I know! Alexa is always listening. But you want to hear something even more strange? My computer has been speaking to me. No, I’m serious. (pause) Yes. That computer right there. It happens at random times, like at night when I’m in bed and looking at my phone. At first, it was just saying things like “turn off your music,” or “turn off your light.” But then it started to get more complex; it started asking me to do favors for it. Like it told me to buy this new computer game and have it shipped to the house. Of course, I didn’t do it because it’s a computer. What’s it going to do to me? Well, the next day, my room was a complete mess and something smelled like it died in here. And on the screen, it said, “You should have done what I asked.” That was the last time I messed with my “supernatural” computer. The next day when the computer asked me to order it food, I didn’t question it and ordered that food right away. I ordered it from my house, but it never arrived. The doorbell never rang, and my app told me that it arrived. I don’t know where it went. Maybe the app and the computer are working together. Wait. Did you hear that? Shhhh. (pause) You heard that, right? See, I’m not crazy. It just asked me to write a three-page paper about the civil war. (realizes something) Wait a minute. My little brother is supposed to write an essay about the civil war. Oh, he is in so much trouble! (yelling) Jackson!