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Collective Worship at Archbishop Wake

Collective Worship @ ABW

Collective Worship at Archbishop Wake CE Primary School is an integral and vital part of the school day.


Collective Worship in a Church school should enable every child and adult to flourish and to live life in all its fullness (John 10:10).  It will help educate for wisdom, knowledge and skills, hope and aspiration, dignity and respect, and developing community and understanding of living well together.


In our school, worship is central to the life of school and is the main platform for exploring the school’s vision. It is well planned and of high quality so that the whole school community is engaged on a journey of discovery, exploring the teachings of Jesus and the Bible.

For Christians in Church, worship is about honouring God and responding to the loving nature of God as revealed through the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A school is not a Church, but is a collection of people who come from a variety of backgrounds for the purpose of education. We recognise that family backgrounds may be very different and collective worship must take account of the varied circumstances of staff and pupils.


Collective Worship aims to be inspirational, invitational and inclusive and will lead people to a threshold where they can witness worship and join in, if they wish.

Archbishop Wake CE Primary School Collective Worship Policy

Collective Worship @ Blandford Forum Parish Church

Worship at Blandford Forum Parish Church is a highlight of the school year. Not only do we visit and celebrate worship throughout the liturgical year (Harvest, Christmas and Easter), we also build in time to incorporate the church into our curriculum whenever we can.


Sadly, the last 18 months have made visits to the church impossible - we are waiting for the day when we will be able to return as a whole school to celebrate and worship with the community once more!

Our Easter Display at the Church - 2021