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Landscape Collage - Could Do task

This week, we are looking at the landscape artist, Robin Brooks.

Look  at the powerpoint below to see her work.

  • How do you think this artwork has been made? 
  • They are collages made by visual artist Robin Brooks.  She is a living artist who is creating work inspired by the landscape around her in Maine.
  • What do you notice about the pieces of paper? How do you think they were created?
  • The paper was created by painting, allowing the brush stokes to show. Some edges are cut with scissors, some are torn. There are lots of layers.

You are going to be making a collaged landscape.  What do you think you’ll need to do first?

  • Choose a photograph/picture of the landscape.
  • Make a drawing of the landscape to help see the different shapes and areas within it.
  • Paint paper with colours that you can see in your photograph, or find paper you may have at home, e.g. wrapping paper, coloured pictures in magazines, newspaper.
  • Then make the collage.


Here is the advice Robin Brooks has given about creating work that is inspired by hers:


“I would say to start by finding a photo of a landscape you find inspiring. Observe the light and time of day in the photo. Try to break the image down into basic shapes and color planes. You may find it useful to do some loose sketches before you begin the collage process.  I would suggest starting by painting paper for those big areas of color--sky and ground. Work from the sky and background forward and layer the elements--trees, branches, leaves, water, rocks, etc. on top of the big color areas. Be willing to cut and trim pieces and don't throw away the scraps. They are often useful! Don't glue things down too soon. Use tape to lay things out and try out different arrangements before you glue them down. Collage is all about layering.”

Good Luck!