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'Could do' tasks

This week, we are looking at the artist, Alfred Wallis.

Look at his pictures in the powerpoint below, and choose one to answer the following questions about:

  • What can you see it the picture?
  • If there were sounds for this painting, what would they be? 
  • What has the artist made?
  • Why do you think the artist made it?
  • How does the picture make you feel?
  • What shapes and colours can you see in the painting?
  • Which one of these pictures would you choose to have at home and why?


Following the seaside theme, this week you are going to draw a shell and colour it using oil pastels or coloured pencils.

Look carefully at a real shell, or the pictures below. Use coloured pencils/oil pastels, especially
‘flesh’ tones such as browns, tans, pinks and beiges. Draw on dark paper if you have it. 



  1. Write 5 newspaper headlines for a story about the shipwreck of the Alba.
  2. Imagine you were Alfred Wallis witnessing the shipwreck of the Alba that day in 1938. Describe when you first noticed it, what you heard, how it developed and who survived.
  3. Make a boat out of paper.